Colour Trends 2022-2023

Earley Ornamentals Colour Trends 2022-2023

Select the right colours for the seasons ahead

We’ve identified four colour trend collections that mirror the primary home, lifestyle and garden trends for 2022/23. Each group features a range of plants and colours from the extensive Earley Ornamentals range to help make product selection easier.

Sunny – Colours and plants that spark optimism and stimulate a positive energy in UK gardens.

Flowers that smile such as Gazania Kiss F1 Frosty Mix will suit this trend as well as larger bright options such as Marigold French Super Hero™ Deep Yellow or Begonia Non Stop® Joy F1 Orange. Dark colours like those of Primula Belarina™ Sunrise Ruby can be included too.

Our recommendations for autumn to spring flowering are:

Viola Grandissimo F1 Lemon Splash, Premier F1 Deep Orange and Primula Primus F1 Yellow or Orange.

Vibrant  – Throw out the gardening rulebook with carefree and colourful plant choices.

Cheerful jewel-like colours like that of Dahlia Dreamy™ Nights will add a real boost of energy and enjoyment. Complement this with plants that bring texture including Gypsophilia Gypsy Deep Rose and green, foliage-heavy plants such as Marguerite Simba® Pink with Eye.

Our recommendations for autumn to spring flowering are:

Anemone Harmony F1 OrchidBellis Galaxy Rose, colourful Cyclamen Metis® F1 and Pansy Premier F1 Clear Purple.

Nature’s Notes – Soft and sensory, plants that create calm and balance.

This trend encourages rewilding, bringing nature back into the garden for a more sustainable approach. Fragrant options like Nemesia Wisley Vanilla provide a sensory experience. Plants that combine soft, muted tones and an earthy warmth will serve this trend well.

Our recommendations for autumn to spring flowering are:

Bellis Tasso® WhitePansy Freefall ®F1 Cream or the versatile and hardy, fragrant Wallflower Sugar Rush F1 Primrose.

Sentiment – Trusted traditional cottage garden colours with a modern twist.

Core traditional plants like Cosmos Apollo Mix will create that familiar, almost caring, cottage garden feel. Add in scented plant options and combine with interesting leaf patterns or combination planting for a contemporary take.

Our recommendations for autumn to spring flowering are:

Anemone Harmony Double F1 White, Pansy Freefall® F1 White Rose Wing or Ranunculus Maché F1 Mix.

New Pantone Colour of the Year 2022

The big garden colour for 2022 is Very Peri. There are plenty of young plant options in the Earley Ornamentals range to meet grower demand across Bedding, Basket and Patio as well as Perennial.

Anemone Harmony Double Blue Earley OrnamentalsSenetti Blue Bicolour 15 Earley OrnamentalsSenetti Magic Blue Earley OrnamentalsViola Bel Viso Blueberry Swirl Earley OrnamentalsViola Vibrante YTT Earley OrnamentalsViola Vibrante Pink Surprise Earley Ornamentals

Discover more here about the Pantone Colour of the Year

Colour Trends 2022-2023 Range
Sunny - optimism
Colours and plants that spark optimism, positive energy, bright and dark colours with large flowers.
Gazania Kiss F1 Frosty Mix
Marigold French Super Hero™ Deep Yellow
Zinnia Profusion Double Mixed Imp.
Rudbeckia Little Gold Star
Viola Grandissimo Lemon Splash Earley Ornamentals
Viola Grandissimo F1 Lemon Splash
Begonia Non Stop Mocca Orange Earley Ornamental
Begonia Non Stop® Joy F1 Orange
Calibrachoa Eyeconic™ Cherry Blossom
Primula Belarina™ Sunrise Ruby
Salvia Mojave Mix
Fuchsia Bush General Monk
Vibrant - carefree
Carefree and colourful plants with jewel like colours and green foliage.
Dahlia Dreamy Nights Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Dreamy™ Nights
Dahlia Labella Medio Golden Eye Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Labella® Medio Fun Golden Eye
Calibrachoa Chameleon® Desert Rose
Gypsophilia Gypsy Deep Rose
Marguerite Simba® Pink with Eye
Cosmos Apollo Carmine
Fuchsia Giant Trailing Seventh Heaven
Calibrachoa Lia™ Amethyst Bling
Petunia Espresso Grande Mix
Lobelia Bush String of Pearls
Nature's Notes - calm
Create calm and balance with soft, sensory plants that have muted tones.
Nemesia Wisley Vanilla Earley Ornamentals
Nemesia Wisley Vanilla (Scented)
Petchoa Beautical French Vanilla Earley Ornamentals
X Petchoa Beautical™ French Vanilla
Calibrachoa Lia™ Yellow
Alchemilla mollis Thriller Earley Ornamentals
Alchemilla mollis Thriller
Thymus Silver Posie
Gypsophilia Gypsy White
Sunpatiens® Vigorous Sweetheart
Geranium Green Leaf Flower Fairy Earley Ornamentals
Geranium Green Leaf pac® Flowerfairy® Pink
Osteospermum Senoritas® Havilah
Erigeron karvinskianus
Sentiment - traditional
Plants that evoke a traditional cottage garden with a modern twist.
Cosmos Apollo Mix
Anemone Harmony F1 White Imp.
Pansy Freefall® F1 White Rose Wing
Sedum Silver Roses
Diascia Breezee Plus Apple Blossom
Marguerite Daisy Crazy® Solo Mio
Dahlia Labella® Maggiore Fun Chocolate Yellow
Digitalis x hybrid Polkadot Polly™
Seed Raised Geranium Horizon Shadow Mixed
Lobelia Trailing Fountain Mix
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