A selection of attractive, vibrant flowering Calibrachoa

A selection of X Petchoa and Calibrachoa

Including SuperCal® combining the best of Calibrachoa and Petunia for great all-round performance.

New for 2020

Calibrachoa Chameleon Double Tickled Pink Earley Ornamentals
New Colour Chameleon® Double Tickled Pink
Key Features - X Petchoa SuperCal®
Large flowers in intense colours
Mounded or trailing
Tolerant of cold, heat and rain
PH tolerant
Shown below is a selection of the extensive Calibrachoa range. See the 2020 catalogue for more.
Calibrachoa Range
X Petchoa SuperCal®
SuperCal® Combining the best of Calibrachoa and Petunia
Petchoa Supercal Blue Earley Ornamentals
Petchoa Supercal Cherry Earley Ornamentals
Petchoa Supercal Light Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Light Yellow
X Petchoa SuperCal® Neon Rose Earley Ornamentals
Neon Rose
Calibrachoa Caloha®
Attractive double flowers and neat trailing habit
Calibrachoa Caloha Double Dark Red Earley ornamentals
Double Dark Red
Calibrachoa Candy Shop™
Starburst bright bicolour flowers
Calibrachoa Candy Shop Candy Crush Earley Ornamentals
Candy Crush
Calibrachoa Chameleon®
Flowers change colours as the plant ages
Calibrachoa Chameleon Atomic Orange Earley Ornamentals
Atomic Orange
Calibrachoa Chameleon Blueberry Scone Earley Ornamentals
Blueberry Scone
Calibrachoa Chameleon Double Pink Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Double Pink Yellow
Chameleon Sunshine Berry Earley Ornamentals
Sunshine Berry
Calibrachoa Chameleon Double Tickled Pink Earley Ornamentals
Double Tickled Pink
Calibrachoa Million Bells®
Well branched compact habit
Calibrachoa Million Bells Earley Ornamentals
Bouquet Red
Calibrachoa Million Bells Bouquet YellowEye Earley ornamentals
Bouquet Yellow Eye
Calibrachoa Million Bells Brilliant Pink Earley Ornamentals
Brilliant Pink
Calibrachoa Million Bells Trailing Ice Earley Ornamentals
Trailing Ice
Calibrachoa Millions Bells Trailing Topaz Earley Ornamentals
Trailing Topaz Blue
Nemesia Cream Surprise Earley Ornamentals
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