Bedding, Basket and Patio New For 2024

Excellent commercial mix

The 2024 Bedding, Basket and Patio collection consists of a wide range of commercial young plants. The range is designed to meet the latest trends and consumer demands, and it includes new variations, series, colours, and significant improvements from breeders.

The collection offers a diverse selection of wildlife-friendly, easy-to-grow, and fragrant plants. More importantly, the range includes plants that are weather tolerant to heat, dry and wet conditions.

Bedding, Basket and Patio New For 2024 Range
New for 2024 Seed Raised Summer Flowering
Antirrhinum, DoubleShot™ F1 Mix, New Variety
Antirrhinum, Twinny F1 Mix, New Variety
Chrysanthemum, Arctic White, New Variety
Gazania, Kiss, 2 New Colours
Gazania, Zany Sunny Side Up, New Variety
Helianthus, Smillie, New Series
Gaura, Emmeline, 2 New Colours
Impatiens, Beacon®, 1 New Colour and 3 Mixes
New for 2024 Cutting Raised Summer Flowering
Calibrachoa, Noa®, New Colour
Fuchsia, Bush, 14 New Colours
Fuchsia, Hardy Bush, 6 New Colours
Fuchsia, Trailing, 6 New Colours
Geranium, Green Leaf Pac®, New Variety
Geranium, Ivy Leaf Pac®, New Varieties
Marguerite, Dana, New Colour
Marguerite, Simba®, New Series
Osteospermum, Senoritas®, 7 New Colours
Scaevola, Stardiva®, New Series
Verbena, Estrella®, 3 New Colours
Verbena, Voodoo™, New Colour
New for 2024 Seed Raised Autumn to Spring Flowering
Cyclamen, Metis®, 4 New Colours
Cyclamen, Indiaka®, New Variety
Cyclamen, Super Serie® F1 Carino Fuji Mix, New Variety
Cyclamen, Super Serie® Crayon F1 Mix, New Variety
Polyanthus, Colibri F1, New Series
Primrose, Danique, New Series
Primrose, Charlie F1, 3 New Colours
Primrose, Novelties, New Varieties
Primrose, RASESberry F1, New Series
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