A bedding plant that gives long-lasting performance and adds real visual interest

Whether for mass bedding for landscape, patio use or hanging baskets, there are many Begonia types and varieties to choose from in the Earley Ornamentals range.

Leading Begonia range Non Stop® Joy F1. This unique semi-trailing Begonia, with its large double flowers, has a compact habit that enables easy shipping in basket and pot.

Bossa Nova™ Night Fever and  Bossa Nova™ range is an economical alternative option to cutting raised types.

The semi-trailing option, Begonia Fragrant Falls®, features fragrant blooms and contrasting dark green foliage – excellent for baskets.

Key Features - Begonia Viking
Robust and Vigorous
Tolerant of sun and rain
Large patio pots or mass planting
Rich dark leaf colour
Begonia Semperflorens
  • Offering complete versatility
  • Suited to mass bedding for landscape
  • Ideal for patio use or hanging baskets
Begonia Tuberhybrida
  • Spectacular colours
  • Impressive oversized flower heads
  • Contrasting dark foliage
Begonia Boliviensis
  • Compact, well branching semi-trailing plants
  • Smothered in large double flowers
  • Height up to 20cm
Shown below is a selection of the extensive Begonia range.
Begonia Range
Begonia Semperflorens
Offering complete versatility, Begonia semperflorens are suited to mass bedding for landscape, as well as for patio use or hanging baskets.
Begonia Ambassador pink Earley Ornamentals
Ambassador F1
Begonia President Mix Earley Ornamentals
President F1
Begonia Queen Mix Earley Ornamentals
Queen F1
Begonia Senator IQ Earley Ornamentals
Senator IQ F1
Begonia tuberhybrida
Beautiful Begonia tuberhybrida brighten any garden with spectacular colours, impressive oversized flower heads and contrasting dark foliage.
Begonia Fortune Begonia Salmon Bicolour Earley Ornamentals
Fortune F1
Begonia Illumination Lemon Earley Ornamentals
Illumination® F1
Begonia Non Stop Mocca Orange Earley Ornamental
Non Stop® Mocca F1
Non Stop® Joy F1 Orange
Non Stop® Joy F1 Red
Non Stop® Joy F1 Rose Picotee
Begonia Nonstop Joy Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Non Stop® Joy F1 Yellow
Begonia boliviensis
Economical option to cutting raised types. Self cleaning and weather tolerant. Great pot filling item for patio containers and baskets.
Begonia Bossa Nova Nightfever Papaya Earley Ornamentals
Bossa Nova™ Night Fever Papaya
Bossa Nova™ Night Fever Rosso
Bossa Nova™ Pink Glow
Bossa Nova™ Yellow Imp.
Begonia x hybrida
Novelty variety. Compact, well-branched semi-trailing plants, smothered in large double flowers.
Begonia Funky Pink Earley Ornamentals
Funky™ F1 Pink
Begonia Viking Red on Chocolate Earley Ornamentals
Viking Red on Chocolate
Begonia x Tuberhybida
Fragrant blooms on dark green foliage. A semi-trailing habit excellent for baskets.
Begonia Fragrant Falls Peach Earley Ornamentals
Fragrant Falls® Peach
Fragrant Falls® Lemon
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