The revival continues

Earley Ornamentals is a selected distributor for dianthus breeder and grower, Whetman Pinks

Ever popular, the full range of Whetman Pinks spans dwarf alpines to the tall traditional garden varieties and more. A great all-round garden plant, Pinks are frost hardy, drought-tolerant and often highly fragrant.

Highlights 2021

Pinks Aztec Star Earley Ornamentals
Aztec Star
Pinks Blushing Star Earley Ornamentals
Blushing Star
Pinks Cherry Burst Earley Ornamentals
Cherry Burst
Shown below is a selection of the extensive Pinks range. See the 2021 Perennials catalogue for more.
Pinks Range
Garden Pinks
New fragrant introductions include Bridal Star with its pure white double flowers and iridescent ruffled petals, double-flowered, dark-eyed Pink Ruffles and striking semi-double crimson red flower, Red Carpet
Pinks Bridal Star Garden Pinks Earley Ornamentals
Bridal Star
Pinks Ruffles Garden Pinks Earley Ornamentals
Pink Ruffles
Pinks Red Carpet Garden Pinks Earley Ornamentals
Red Carpet
Early Birds®
Selected for earliness and compact habit, flowering from April to June in a 9cm to 1 litre pot.
Pinks Arctic Star Early Birds Earley Ornamentals
Arctic Star
Pinks Frilly Early Bird Earley Ornamentals
Pinks Fizzy Head Early Bird Earley Ornamentals
Scent First®
Ideal for patio gardening, these medium compact varieties are highly fragrant and make a great impulse buy in 1 to 1.5 litre pots. Pot - 20 to 23cm approx. flowering height / Patio - 23 to 28cm approx. flowering height
Pinks Candy Floss Scent First Earley
Candy Floss - Patio
Pinks Coconut Sundae Scent First Earley Ornamentals
Coconut Sundae - Pot
Pinks Coral Reef Scent First Earley Ornamentals
Coral Reef - Pot
Pinks Tickled Pink Scent First Earley Ornamentals
Tickled Pink - Pot
Pinks Passion Head Scent First Earley Ornamentals
Passion - Patio
Pinks Sugar Plum Scent First Earley Ornamentals
Sugar Plum - Patio
Award winning, highly fragrant range. Large single flowers on tall stems. Suited to 1 to 2 litre pots.
Pinks Cherry Daiquiri Cocktail Earley Ornamentals
Cherry Daiquiri
Pinks Cosmopolitan Cocktail Earley Ornamentals
Pinks Mojito Cocktail Earley Ornamentals
Alpine Pinks
Dwarf varieties suitable for patio plantings as well as in the rock garden. Grow in a 9cm to 1 litre pot.
Pinks Arctic Star Early Birds Earley Ornamentals
Arctic Star
Pinks Flutterby Alpine Pinks Earley Ornamentals
Pinks Whatfield Can Can Alpine Pinks Earley Ornamentals
Whatfield Can Can
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