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Now Producing all 144 and 126 cutting raised product in glue plugs.

The ultimate plant quality is assured with Earley’s glue plugs.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s professional growers. Earley ensures the optimum combination of plant quality and production value by providing all 144 and 126 cutting raised product in glue plugs.

Quicker to root

As the plug compost is glued together it holds well, even with minimal roots. Less root disturbance results in less damage and consequently there is less chance of disease infection.

Easier to transplant

To aid easy transplanting, the plug plants do not need as much root around the plug. Therefore, the roots they have are younger and less spiralled, which means they root out into the potting compost faster.

Glue plugs help to improve the overall product quality and consistency, even for the slower rooting products.


HerkuPlast and the environment

Manufactured by our supplier, HerkuPlast, HerkuPlast trays have contributed to sustainable growing since 1972.

The polystyrene used comes from first class recycled sources. This recycled material benefits from the best UV-treatment so it can withstand the negative effects of light. The trays can be used for as long as possible and, when finished with, offer a high recycle value.

HerkuPlast also takes a green energy approach – one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce its carbon footprint – using renewable energy that is clean, safe and inexhaustible.

The company’s factory roofs and warehouses have been equipped with solar panels that supply the energy needed to produce all of the trays.

Waste heat generated from the tray manufacturing process is harnessed and used to heat its factory, warehouses and offices.

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