This comprehensive viola range offers a wide commercial selection

The popular Earley Viola range includes real garden heroes including Earley Ornamentals' own Viola Vibrante.

Colours in the Viola Vibrante range have been specifically selected for flowering time uniformity, ensuring all are ready to flower at the same time.

Another bestseller is the Viola Grandissimo, which produces larger blooms than the average viola and is the ideal choice for added value sales in larger pots and hanging baskets. The viola range also includes the popular Perfetto F1, Penny F1, Bel Viso F1 and the striking Tiger Eye F1.

Key Features - Viola Grandissimo
Extra large flowers produced in profusion
Compact and floriferous
For patio, baskets or mass planting
Ideally suited to premium pots sales
Viola Range
Vibrante F1
Earley's own Viola Vibrante offers 16 individual colours and 6 vibrant mixes Colours in this range have been specifically selected for flowering time uniformity, ensuring all are ready to flower at the same time.
Viola Vibrante Blotched Mix Earley Ornamentals
Blotch Mix
Viola Vibrante Mix Earley Ornamentals
Vibrante F1 Mix
Viola Vibrante YTT Earley Ornamentals
Find out more about Viola Vibrante F1
Grandissimo F1
The flowers of Grandissimo are larger than your average Viola and produce in profusion, so it looks fantastic in patio containers, whether as a single display of colour or co-ordinated with other shades. With a neat and tidy plant habit, Grandissimo is also a great product for pots, hanging baskets or packs.
Viola Grandissimo Berry Pie Earley Ornamentals
Berry Pie
Viola Grandissimo Clear Purple Earley Ornamentals
Clear Purple
Viola Grandissimo Clear Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Clear Yellow
Viola Grandissimo Icy Blue Earley Ornamentals
Icy Blue
Viola Grandissimo Lemon Splash Earley Ornamentals
Lemon Splash
Viola Grandissimo Mix Earley Ornamentals
Bel Viso F1
Colourful selection for Autumn or spring use. Suited to pack or pot production.
Viola Bel Viso Blueberry Swirl Earley Ornamentals
Blueberry Swirl
Viola Bel Viso Orange Jump Up Earley Ornamentals
Orange Jump Up Blotch
Viola Bel Viso Pineapple Crush Earley Ornamentals
Pineapple Crush
Perfetto F1
Complements Vibrante with a compact and uniform habit
Viola Perfetto Deep Orange Earley Ornamentals
Deep Orange
Pink Picotee
Viola Perfetto Purple Face Earley Ornamentals
Purple Face
Penny F1
Uniform compact plant habit, a good all round performance.
Viola Penny Mickey Earley Ornamentals
Viola Penny Primrose Purple Picotee Earley Ornamentals
Purple Picotee
Viola Penny Red Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Red Blotch
Tiger Eye F1
Improved variety with better habit and earliness
Viola Tiger Eye Earley Ornamentals
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