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Earley Ornamentals’ impressive fuchsia range, which features compact, bush and trailing varieties, has been expanded with the addition of beautiful Bella Fuchsia®.

Additions to the two mid-season bush varieties are General Monk, which produces double flowers and moderate growth, and the single-flowered Hawkshead.

Late season giant-trailing Seventh Heaven delivers double-flowered fuchsia and offers strong growth.

New for 2022

New Variety Bush General Monk
New Variety Hardy Bush Hawkshead
New Variety Giant Trailing Seventh Heaven
Shown below is a selection of the extensive Fuchsia range.
Fuchsia Range
This inspiring series is compact and very early blooming.
Fuchsia Bella Evita Earley Ornamentals
Fuchsia Bella Hilda Earley Ornamentals
Fuchsia Bella Julia Earley Ornamentals
Fuchsia Bella Nora Earley Ornamentals
Fuchsia Bella Sarah Earley Ornamentals
Fuchsia Bella Sophia Earley Ornamentals
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Bushing fuchsia, shown here is a selection from the full range.
Fuchsia Albertina Earley Ornamental
Fuchsia Carmel Blue Earley Ornamental
Caramel Blue
NEW General Monk
Fuchsia Maria Landy Earley
Marie Landy
Fuchsia Paula Jane Earley
Paula Jane
Fuchsia Winston Churchill Earley
Winston Churchill
Hardy Bush
Strong growing fuchsia, shown here is a selection from the full range.
Fuchsia Beacon Earley
Fuchsia Benisser Hardy Earley
Benisser Hardy
Fuchsia Delta Sarah Earley
Delta Sarah
Fuchsia Dollar Princess Earley
Dollar Princess
NEW Hawkshead
Fuchsia Heidi Anne Earley
Heidi Ann
Fuchsia Madame Cornelissen Earley
Madame Cornelissen
Beautiful trailing types, shown here is a selection from the full range.
Fuchsia Annabel Earley
Fuchsia Balcony Queen Earley
Balcony Queen
Fuchsia Blue Angel Earley
Blue Angel
Fuchsia Patio Princess Earley
Patio Princess
Fuchsia Pink Galore Earley
Pink Galore
Fuchsia Sir Matt Busby Earley
Sir Matt Busby
Giant Trailing
Single flowers and strong growing trailing Fuchsia, shown here is a selection from the full range.
Fuchsia Bella Rosella Earley
Bella Rosella
Fuchsia Bicentennial Earley
Fuchsia Blue Mirage Earley
Blue Mirage
Fuchsia Flying Scotsman Earley
Flying Scotsman
Fuchsia Maori Maid Earley
Maori Maid
Fuchsia Rocket Fire Earley
Rocket Fire
NEW Seventh Heaven
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