Super Bloomers

Extend the summer with Earley Ornamentals' Super Bloomers

Robust and Floriferous

Good Vigour, weather tolerant

The exceptional Earley Ornamentals Super Bloomers collection is a range of robust plants that offer food vigour, structure and prolific flowering. Weather tolerant, they provide a long flowering period, require little maintenance and are ideal for extending the summer season.

Super Bloomers can be combined with perennials to create mixed patio pots of strong colour that will not fade in sunlight.

Large plus sizes

Produced in larger plug sizes to reduce production time, Super Bloomers are a commercial option for up to 3 litre pot sales.

All of the Earley Ornamentals Super Bloomers are available in the 144 glue plug tray, except SunPatiens® Hot Coral and Lilac, which are both available in an 84 tray size.

Super Bloomers Range
Begonia BIG Bronze leaf
This ultimate Begonia features large 8cm flowers held above a vigorous well branched plant.
Fiery plumes contrast with dark foliage, its branching habit makes it ideal for pot or patio - a real summer season extender.
Celosia Dragons Breath Earley Ornamentals
Dragon's Breath
Cosmos Apollo
With a flower size up to 10cm, this new series has large flowers, strong petals, dwarf habit and excellent branching.
Cosmos Apollo Carmine Earley Ornamentals
Cosmos Apollo Lovesong Earley Ornamentals
Love Song
Diascia Sundiascia®
Upright, robust, mound forming, large and tall, with flower size up to 8cm, this is suited to larger pots and patio containers.
Sundiascia Rose Pink Earley Ornamentals
Rose Pink
Sundiascia Orange Earley Ornamentals
Impatiens - SunPatiens®
The award winning Power Flower - ideal for patios, window boxes and hanging baskets.
SunPatiens Compact Lilac Green Leaf Earley Ornamental
Compact Lilac
SunPatiens Hot Coral Earley Ornamentals
Compact Hot Coral
Click here to see more about SunPatiens®
Marigold Triploid Zenith
Produces large flowers in profusion, a robust plant that is perfect for mixing in patio pots.
Marigold Triploid Zenith Red Earley Ornamentals
Marigold Triploid Zenith Golden Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Golden Yellow
Wonderfully fragrant Nemesia that makes floriferous bush plants for impulse summer sales, flowering well into autumn.
Nemesia Aroma Rhubarb and Custard Earley Ornamentals
Aroma® Rhubarb and Custard
Nemesia Wisley Vanilla Earley Ornamentals
Wisley Vanilla
Click here to see more about Nemesia
X Petchoa SuperCal®
An all-weather superhero that combines the best of Calibrachoa and Petunia, X Petchoa SuperCal® is especially weather-tolerant, resistant to both heat and cold.
Rich coloured blooms on a robust plant. Popular for both annual bedding and patio pot sales.
Rudbeckia Priarie Sun Earley Ornamentals
Prairie Sun
Rudbeckia Autumn Colours Earley Ornamentals
Autumn Colours
Salvia Farinacea
The tall blue flowers of Victoria or silver-blue flowers of the compact blush plant Strata offer two proven outdoor performers.
Salvia Farinacea Victoria Blue Earley Ornamentals
Victoria Blue
Salvia Farinacea Strata Earley Ornamentals
Verbena Santos
Vigorous with good Powdery Mildew resistance, excellent for mixed patio pots.
Santos Purple Verbena Earley Ornamentals
Nemesia Cream Surprise Earley Ornamentals
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