A versatile and colourful range of good performing Impatiens

Three new mixes and one new colour have been added to the Beacon® range for 2024. This range is easy to grow, has excellent structure, flower size, and high resistance to Downy Mildew. Also available in seed raised is the early flowering and uniform Xtreme F1.

Expanding the Impatiens offer is the high-performing cutting raised SunPatiens® range, the proven best performer in all conditions – the ultimate choice for amenity beds, gardens and large patio pots.

Impatiens Range
New for 2024
Beacon® Lipstick New
Beacon®, 3 New Mixes
Expanded Impatiens SunPatiens® range
Discover more about SunPatiens® here
Accent F1
A bright mix of starred types.
Accent F1 Mix
Beacon® is an easy-to-grow, versatile plant with an excellent structure, flower size and a high resistance to Downy Mildew.
Impatiens Beacon Bright Red Earley Ornamentals
Beacon® Bright Red
Impatiens Beacon Coral Earley Ornamentals
Beacon® Coral
Beacon® Lipstick New
Impatiens Beacon Orange Earley Ornamentals
Beacon® Orange
Beacon® Rose
Impatiens Beacon Salmon Earley Ornamentals
Beacon® Salmon
Impatiens Beacon Violet Shades
Beacon® Violet
Impatiens Beacon White Earley Ornamentals
Beacon® White
Impatiens Beacon Mix General Earley Ornamentals
Beacon® Mix
Beacon® Berrie Smoothie Mixed New
Beacon® Peaches & Cream Mix New
Beacon® Strawberries & Cream Mix New
Xtreme F1
This early and uniform range of popular colours delivers good branching and a non-stretching habit.
Xtreme F1 Bright Eye
Xtreme F1 Bright Rose
Xtreme F1 Lavender
Xtreme F1 Lilac
Xtreme F1 Orange
Xtreme F1 Pink
Xtreme F1 Red
Xtreme F1 Salmon
Xtreme F1 Scarlet
Xtreme F1 Violet
Xtreme F1 White
Xtreme F1 Mix
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