Commercial primula options

A range that delivers early, mid and late season flowering selection

With genetically compact options available, as well as Fleuroselect approved novelties and designer mixes, there is plenty of choices for growers, retailers and landscapers alike.

Extending the Earley Ornamentals range for 2024 are Dania, Danique and Colibri. An attractive, uniform Primula series, Dania is ideal for early and mid-flowering and early season sales and is suitable for mixed container and pot plant use. The Danique is the latest breeding in large flower, compact leaf Primula and is also ideal for pots or packs. The well proportioned Polyanthus Colibri delivers multiple blooms on strong stems throughout the winter months. 

The primary Primula novelty, RAESberry F1 mix, has been added. It offers a unique blend of five colours with strong red eye. New colours are also now available in the late season compact Primula Charlie F1, and range improvements have been made to Primrose Primus F1, Rambo F1 and Primrose Evie F1.

Continuing the primula range development, seven new colours have been added to the Novelty selection. Chameleon F1, Flamenco Fire F1, Fireflies F1, Limoncello F1, Lipstick F1, Marmalade F1 and Snow White F1 are all pot perfect plants that offer unique colours and have been selected for their uniformity of flowering window. Mojito F1, Milkshake F1, Woodland Rose F1, Zebra F1 and Candy Mix are also included in this collection to provide comprehensive retail options.

Watch our video to find out more about the new additions.

  • Late season colour
  • Hardy performers
  • Height: 15-20cm
  • Early, mid and late season options
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Compact habits
  • Traditional landscape varieties
  • Sturdy stems
  • Height: 20-30cm
Primula Range
New and Improved for 2024
Primula Danique, 9 Colours and 1 Mix
Polyanthus Colibri F1, 6 Colours
Primula Charlie F1, 3 New Colours
Primula Novelty RAESberry F1 Mix
Primula Novelty Fireflies F1
Primula Novelty Flamenco Fire F1
Primula Novelty Limoncello F1
Primula Novelty Marmalade F1
New Primula Danique
The brightly coloured Danique is the latest breeding in large flower, compact leaf primula.
Danique Bicolour Purple
Danique Blue
Danique Cherry with Edge
Danique Light Violet
Danique Orange Gold
Danique Red
Danique Rose
Danique White
Danique Yellow
New Polyanthus Colibri F1
The well-proportioned Colibri F1 delivers multiple blooms on strong stems throughout the winter months.
Colibri F1 Aztec Gold
Colibri F1 Blue
Colibri F1 Light Yellow
Colibri F1 Nectarine
Colibri F1 Red Shades
Colibri F1 White
Charlie F1
Late season compact range that offers excellent uniformity.
Primula Charlie F1 Apple Blossom New
Primula Charlie F1 Delft Blue New
Primula Charlie F1 Mid Blue
Primula Charlie F1 Orange
Primula Charlie F1 Red
Primula Charlie F1 Rose New
Primula Charlie F1 Violet
Primula Charlie F1 White
Primula Charlie F1 Wine Red Edge
Primula Charlie F1 Yellow
Primula Charlie F1 Mix Imp.
Evie F1
A genetically compact range with large flowers.
Primula Evie F1 Appleblossom
Primula Evie F1 Blue
Primrose Evie F1 Lemon Cream Earley Ornamentals
New Primula Evie F1 Lemon Cream
Primula Evie F1 Mid Blue
Primula Evie F1 Orange Gold Imp.
Primula Evie F1 Purple Flame Imp.
Primula Evie F1 Red Flame Imp.
Primula Evie F1 Rose Imp.
Primula Evie F1 Scarlet
Primula Evie F1 White
Primula Evie F1 Yellow Imp.
Primula Evie F1 Daffodil Mix
Primula Evie F1 Mix Imp.
Designer Mixes and Novelty Colours
The range's wide colour choices has pretty pastels, two-toned and striking patterns. It also includes the Earley Pot Perfect collection.
Bicolour - Meteor F1 - Pot Perfect
Primula Candy Earley Ornamentals
Candy - Pot Perfect
Primrose Chameleon Earley Ornamentals
Chameleon F1 - Pot Perfect
Fireflies F1 New - Pot Perfect
Flamenco Fire F1 New - Pot Perfect
Limoncello F1 New - Pot Perfect
Primrose Lipstick Earley Ornamentals
Lipstick F1 - Pot Perfect
Marmalade F1 New - Pot Perfect
Primula Primrose Milkshake Earley Ornamentals
Milkshake F1 - Pot Perfect
Primula Primrose Mojito Earley Ornamentals
Mojito F1 - Pot Perfect
Primula Provence Mix Earley Ornamentals
Provence F1
RAESberry F1 Mix New - Pot Perfect
Primula Ringostar Orange Red Earley Ornamentals
Ringostar F1 Orange Red and Mix
Snow White F1 - Pot Perfect
Sparkly Mix
Primula Tinkerbells Earley Ornamentals
Tinkerbells F1
Primrose Woodland Rose Earley Ornamentals
Woodland Rose F1 - Pot Perfect
Primula Zebra Earley Ornamentals
Zebra F1 Blue - Pot Perfect
Flowering all year with masses of medium-sized flowers and a vigorous spreading habit, Polyanthus are an excellent choice for hanging baskets and patio pots.
Polyanthus Castillian Earely Ornamentals
Colibri F1, 6 Colours New
Polyanthus Crescendo Mix Earley Ornamentals
Crescendo® F1, 8 Colours and 1 Mix
Supernova F1, 7 Colours and 1 Mix
Core Primula and Primrose
A collection of UK garden best sellers.
Primula Cowslip
Primrose Dania F1 Mix
Primula Daniella Mix Earley Ornamentals
Primrose Daniella F1
Primula Danova Mix Earley Ornamentals
Primrose Danova F1
Primula Everlast Earley Ornamentals
Primula Everlast F1
Primula Primrose Husky Mix Earley Ornamentals
Primrose Husky F1
Primula Primrose Last Dance Earley Ornamentals
Primrose Last Dance Mix
Primula Mister Gold Lace Earley Ornamentals
Primula Mister Gold Lace
Primula Mister Silver Lace Earley Ornamentals
Primula Mister Silver Lace
Primrose Rambo Mid F1 Mix Imp.
Primrose Rubens F1 5 Colours and 1 Mix
Primula Veristar Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Primula Veristar
Primula Wanda Mix
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