Now more choice in this colourful and commercial range

Now even more choice in our colourful and commercial range of pansies.

Known for our colourful and commercial range of pansies, of the many varieties we grow the bestseller, by far, is large-flowered Pansy Premier – suited to autumn, winter and spring cultivation. This reliable, market-leading option achieves great results.

There are also plenty of alternative options in the extensive Earley Ornamentals Pansy range, from trailing varieties like Pansy Freefall®. Its vigorous spreading habit and masses of medium-sized flowers make it an idea for premium pot sales and hanging baskets. Its larger counterpart,  Pansy Freefall®XL offers the same easy-to-grow Freefall® benefits with the added advantage of larger flowers. For huge flowers and a well-contained habit try Power F1, as well as novelty series to add extra sales appeal.

Key Features - Pansy Freefall®
Masses of small to medium size flowers
Vigorous spreading habit
Patio or mass planting
Premium pot sales and hanging pots
More about the Pansy Range
Pansy Premier F1
  • Great all-rounder
  • Suited to Autumn, Winter and Spring cultivation
  • Large flower series
Pansy Freefall F1
  • Vigorous spreading habit
  • Good heat tolerance
  • Masses of small to medium size flowers
Pansy Power F1
  • Huge flowers
  • Contained habit
  • Ideal for premium pots in early spring
Shown below is a selection of the extensive Pansy range.
Pansy Range
Premier F1
A commercially reliable, large-flowered option that achieves great results. This market-leading pansy is suited to autumn, winter and spring cultivation.
Pansy Premier Blue Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Blue with Blotch Imp.
Pansy Premier Clear Rose Earley Ornamentals
Clear Rose
Pansy Premier F1 Clear Spring Mix Earley Ornamental
Clear Spring Mix
Pansy Premier Deep Orange Earley Ornamentals
Deep Orange
Pansy Premier Gold with Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Gold with Blotch
Pansy Premier Marina Earley Ornamentals
Marina Imp
Pansy Premier Blueberry Thrill Earley Ornamentals
Blueberry Thrill - Additions
Pansy Premier Purple Rose ans White Earley Ornamentals
Purple Rose & White - Additions
See Pansy Premier new 2022 colours
Click here to see the full Pansy Premier F1 range
Freefall® F1 XL
An easy-to-grow pansy, bred by UK breeder Floranova, this brand new series offers the same easy-to-grow Freefall® F1 benefits as the original with the added advantage of larger flowers.
Pansy Freefall XL Bright Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Bright Yellow
Pansy Freefall XL Purple Face Earley Ornamentals
Purple Face
Pansy Freefall XL Red Wing Earley Ornamentals
Red Wing
Pansy Freefall XL Scarlet Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Scarlet Blotch
Pansy Freefall XL Victoriana Earley Ornamentals
Pansy Freefall XL Yellow Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Yellow Blotch
See Catalogue Page 102 Freefall® F1 XL
Freefall® F1
Vigorous spreading habit, with masses of medium-sized flowers. Flowering all year round this is an excellent choice for hanging baskets and patio pots.
Pansy Freefall Cream Earley Ornamentals
Pansy Freefall Deep Violet Earley Ornamentals
Deep Violet
Pansy Freefall Mix Earley Ornamentals
Pansy Freefall Morpho Earley Ornamentals
True Blue
Pansy Freefall F1 White Earley Ornamentals
White Rose Wing
See Catalogue Page 103 Freefall® F1
Click to view and download the 2022 Bedding, Basket & Patio catalogue
Power F1
Huge flowers but well contained habit. Power performs well in summer when flower size can be critical, also use for November-December sowing to make a premium pot item in early spring.
Blue & White Imp.
Deep Blue with Blotch Imp.
Pansy Power Fire Earley Ornamentals
Pansy Power Patricia Earley Ornamentals
Pansy Power White Blotch Earley Ornamentals
White Blotch Imp.
Mix - see catalogue page 97 for more Power colours
Special Colours and Mixes
Several short novelty series to add extra sales appeal - see catalogue for more.
Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Mix Earley Ornamentals
Frizzle Sizzle F1
Pansy Ultima Morpho Earley Ornamentals
Ultima F1 Morpho Imp
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