Extensive Petunia range

Choose from vibrant colours and unusual patterns, multiflora double and milliflora choices, with plenty of options for landscapes and borders.

A popular option in this range is Petunia Bubbles™, which delivers quick and easy colour for patio and containers. Extremely waterproof and specifically bred for UK conditions, this series is cold tolerant for early production and late season performance.

An all-weather option is the X-Petchoa BeautiCal®, with large flowers and a semi-trailing habit that can tolerate cold, heat, and rain.

Also available is the double-flowered series, Tumbelina®, which complements the 13-colour Surfinia® range. Petunia Designer™ and Constellation™ both offer unique colour options: Designer™ has compact trailing plants, while Constellation™ has stippled flowers with white flecks and blotches that maintain colour stability.

The popular novelty Crazytunia® completes the range with its striking star-shaped flowers and mounded habit.

Adding to this range is the seed raised collection, which includes the compact and large flowered Eagle F1 and the naturally dwarf and non-stretching Espresso Grande, which also has an excellent shelf life. Supercascade F1 and Hulahoop F1 provide bright and colourful mixes, and Success® is an excellent trailing and ground cover option.  Additionally, there are Grandiflora, Multifora, Multiflora Double and Milliflora options.

Key Features - X Petchoa BeautiCal®
Large flowers in rich and unique colours
Mounded then semi-trailing
Tolerant of cold, heat and rain
Mildew Resistant
Petunia Range
The all-weather Petunia
Petchoa Beautical Bordeaux Earley Ornamentals
Petchoa Beautical Caramel Earley Ornamentals
Caramel Yellow
Petchoa Beautical Cinnamon Earley Ornamental
Petchoa Beautical French Vanilla Earley Ornamentals
French Vanilla
Pearl White
Purple Dawn
Petunia X Petchoa BeauitiCal Red Maple Earley Ornamentals
Red Maple
Petchoa Beautical Sunday Pink Earley Ornamentals
Sunray Pink
Petunia X Petchoa BeauitiCal Sunset Orange Earley Ornamentals
Sunset Orange
Petunia X Petchoa BeauitiCal Yellow Sun Earley Ornamentals
Yellow Sun
From the popular Tumbelina® series. Available in three colours, Bubbles™ delivers quick and easy colour for patio and containers. Extremely weatherproof and specifically bred for UK conditions, this new series is cold tolerant for early production and late season performance.
Petunia Bubbles Butterfly Earley Ornamentals
Petunia Bubbles Purple Earley Ornamentals
Petunia Bubbles White Earley Ornamentals
Petunia Hybrida
Vibrant colours and unusual patterns
Petunia Constellation Aries Earley Ornamentals
Constellation™ Aries
Constellation™ Supernova
Petunia CrazyTunia Black Mamba Earley Ornamentals
Crazytunia® 8 Colours
Crazytunia® Lucky Lilac
Crazytunia® Moonstruck
Crazytunia® Peach Bellini
Petunia Designer Inksplash Earley Ornamentals
Designer™ Inksplash
Designer™ Royal Lace
Petunia Designer Starburst Cherry Earley Ornamentals
Designer™ Starburst Cherry
Petunia Surfinia Heavenly Blue Earley Ornamentals
Surfina® 13 Colours
Petunia Surfinia Violet Earley Ornamentals
Surfinia® Violet
Petunia Tumbelina Superstar Earley Ornamentals
Tumbelina® 11 Colours
Petunia Tumbelina Matilda Earley Ornamentals
Tumbelina® Matilda
Petunia Tumbelina Victoria Imp. Earley Ornamentals
Tumbelina® Victoria Imp.
Petunia Grandiflora
Perfect for landscapes and borders
Petunia Eagle Earley Ornamentals
Eagle F1 9 Colours & 1 Mix
Petunia Prism Sunshine Earley Ornamentals
Prism F1 Sunshire
Espresso Grande 4 Colours & 1 Mix
Petunia Supercascade Earley Ornamentals
Supercascade F1 Mix
Petunia Hulahoop Earley Ornamentals
Hulahoop F1 Mix
Ultra F1 Stars Mix
Ultra F1 Vein Mix
Also in the Petunia range
Multiflora double and Milliflora choices
Petunia Multiflora Double Duo Mix Earley Ornamentals
Multiflora Double Duo F1 Mix
Petunia Multiflora Frenzy Mix Earley Ornamentals
Multiflora Double Frenzy™ F1
Petunia Multiflora Double Frenzy Grand Rapid Mix Earley Ornamentals
Multiflora DoubleFrenzy™ Grand Rapids Mix
Multiflora Merlin F1 Morn Mix
Petunia Milliflora Picobella Earley Ornamentals
Milliflora Picobella F1 Mix
Petunia Success Earley Ornamentals
Milliflora Success® Trailing Mix
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