A delightful cottage garden plant and the highlight of late summer gardens

Earley Ornamentals' Dahlia collection comprises giant flowering Labella® Maggiore and dark leaf options, and a wide selection of bright colours.

Popular dahlias include options from the fun, flashy Labella® series:

  • Robust, giant flowered Dahlia Labella® Maggiore – great for summer pot sales
  • Easy-to-grow Dahlia Labella® Grande offers show-stopping, double flowers in strong colours
  • Stunning Dahlia Labella® Medio Fun in unique colours for a more unusual choice
Dahlia Labella Maggiore Fire Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Labella® Maggiore
Dahlia LaBella Grande Dark Pink Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Labella® Grande
Dahlia Labella Medio Golden Eye Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Labella® Medio Fun
Dahlia Range
Dahlia Labella® Maggiore
Giant flowers on large robust plants, ideal for patio pots and summer sales.
Dahlia Labella Maggiore Deep Rose Earley Ornamentals
Deep Rose
Dahlia Labella Maggiore Fire Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Labella Maggiore Purple Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Labella Maggiore Rose Bicolour Earley Ornamentals
Rose Bicolour
Dahlia Labella Maggiore Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Yellow Imp.
Dahlia Labella® Grande
Double flowers in a variety of strong colours, good for pot sales
Dahlia LaBella Grande Dark Pink Earley Ornamentals
Dark Pink
Dahlia Labella Grande Deep Orange Earley Ornamentals
Deep Orange
Dahlia Labella Grande Magenta Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Labella Grande Orange Bicolor Earley Ornamentals
Orange Bicolour
Dahlia LaBella Grande Purple Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Labella Grande Red Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Labella Grande White Earley Ornamentals
White Imp.
Dahlia Labella Grande Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Labella® Medio Fun
Compact varieties in unique colours
Dahlia Labella Medio Fun Crimson Picotee Earley Ornamentals
Crimson Picotee
Dahlia Labella Medio Golden Eye Earley Ornamentals
Golden Eye
Dahlia Labella Medio Fun Orange Flame Earley Ornamentals
Orange Flame
Dahlia Labella Medio Fun Pink Blush Earley Ornmentals
Pink Blush
Dahlia Labella Medio Fun Rose Earley Ornamentals
Rose Fun
Dahlia Dark Leaf
Compact and tall varieties with contrasting dark leaf foliage and intense flower colours
Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff Earley Ornamentals
Bishop of Llandaff
Dahlia Dreamy Lips Earley Ornamentals
Dreamy® Lips
Dahlia Dreamy Nights Earley Ornamentals
Dreamy® Nights
Dahlia Moonfire Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Mystic Dreamer
Mystic Dreamer
Dahlia Mystic Illusion Earley Ornamentals
Mystic Illusion
Dahlia Seed Raised Options
Double flowered seed raised options
Dahlia Diablo Mix Earley Ornamentals
Dahlia Figaro Earley Ornamentals
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