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New for 2020

A new colour is introduced to the PAC® Flowerfairy® range.

Geranium Pac Flower Fairy Red Splash Earley Ornamentals
New Colour PAC® Flowerfairy® Red Splash
Shown below is a selection of the extensive Geranium range. See the 2020 catalogue for more.
Geranium Range
Green Leaf
The geranium Zonal group includes bicolours and mosaics. A selection of both bright green and dark green foliage options and semi-double to double flower forms means plenty of creative possibilities. These are suited to patio planters, window boxes or can be used as a pot plant.
Geranium Green Leaf Pac Earley Ornamentals
Geranium Green Leaf Flower Fairy Earley Ornamentals
PAC® Flowerfairy®
Geranium Green Leaf Sel Sunrise Earley Ornamentals
SEL® Sunrise®
Dark Leaf
Dark Leaf options
Geranium Dark Leaf PAC Earley Ornamentals
Geranium Dark Leaf Moonlight Earley Ornamentals
SEL® Moonlight®
Ivy Leaf
The Geranium Ivy Leaf has a trailing habit. This collection, which includes bicolours and both double and single flowered options, is well-matched for hanging baskets, window boxes or patio planters.
Geranium Ivy Leaf PAC Earley Ornamentals
Geranium Ivy Leaf SEL Royal Earley Ornamentals
SEL® Royal®
Geranium Ivy Leaf Non Royalty Varieties Earley Ornamentals
Non-Royalty Varieties
Ivy Leaf - Single-flowered
A wide selection of single-flowered Ivy Leaf options
Geranium Ivy Leaf Pac Earley Ornamentals
Geranium PAC Happy Face Earley Ornamentals
Happy Face
Geranium Ivy Leaf Decora Earley Ornamentals
Offering more unusual flower forms such as Fireworks, with striking star-shaped flowers. Also available are variegated foliage varieties that offer excellent opportunities to create contrast in mixed plantings. These are suitable for patio planters, window boxes or as a pot plant.
Geranium Fireworks PAC Earley Ornamentals
PAC® Fireworks®
Geranium Specialities Coloured Leaf Earley Ornamentals
Coloured Leaf
Geranium Specialities Varigated Ivy Leaf PAC Earley Ornamentals
Variegated Ivy Leaf PAC®
Seed Raised Geranium
A range of versatile and well-performing geranium
Geranium Reach Out Mixed Earley Ornamentals
Reach Out F1
Geranium BullsEye Earley Ornamentals
Bullseye F1
Geranium Cabaret Earley Ornamentals
Cabaret F2
Geranium Quantum Earley Ornamentals
Horizon F1
Geranium Quantum Earley Ornamentals
Quantum F1
Providing good repeat flowering throughout the summer, this range, is perfect for patio planters, window boxes or as a pot plant.
Pelargonium Angeleyes Earley Ornamentals
PAC® Angeleyes®
Pelagonium Mosquitaway Earley Ornamentals
Pelargonium Regalia Earley Ornamentals
Nemesia Cream Surprise Earley Ornamentals
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