Colourful and consistent - exceptional outdoor performance

The brand leader in outdoor cutting raised Impatiens.

SunPatiens® is the proven best performer in all conditions. It is the ultimate choice for amenity beds, gardens and large patio pots.

For 2024 and due to high demand, the popular colours have been reintroduced, and these have been grouped into compact and vigorous options to assist the selection process.

This season-extender develops over the summer and is the ultimate choice for landscapes and gardens. Easy to grow and low maintenance, it is known for its full sun to part shade versatility.

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Key Features - SunPatiens®
A choice of vigorous or compact types
For sun or shade
Robust performers for patio or mass planting
Resistant to downy mildew
More about SunPatiens®
Profitable for Retailers
  • Profitable
  • Attractive colours
  • Longer shelf life
Future for Parks & Landscapes
  • Popular for park departments
  • Professional landscape gardeners
Class-leading Quality
  • Grower-focused production
  • Rapid root growth
  • Resistant to downy mildew
SunPatiens® Range
SunPatiens® Compact
Compact and vigorous types are available offering full-sun to part-shade versatility. SunPatiens®
Earley Ornamentals SunPatiens Compact Pink Blush
Blush Pink Compact
Coral Pink Compact
Deep Rose Compact
SunPatiens Compact Electric Orange Earley Ornamentals
Electric Orange Compact
Hot Coral Compact
SunPatiens Compact Hot Lilac Earley Ornamentals
Hot Lilac Imp. Compact
Hot Pink Compact
Lilac Imp. Compact
SunPatiens Compact Magenta Earley Ornamentals
Magenta Imp. Compact
Orange Compact
SunPatiens Compact Orchid Blush Earley Ornamentals
Orchid Blush Compact
SunPatiens Impatiens Peach Candy Earley Ornamentals
Peach Candy Compact
Pretty Pink Compact
SunPatiens Compact Red Earley Ornamentals
Red Compact
Red Candy Compact
Rose Glow Compact
SunPatien Compact White Earley Ornamentals
White Imp Compact
SunPatiens® Vigorous
Compact and vigorous types are available offering full-sun to part-shade versatility. SunPatiens®
Clear White Vigorous
Lavender Splash Vigorous
Orange Imp. Vigorous
SunPatiens Vigorous Pink Pearl Earley Ornamentals
Pink Pearl Vigorous
Purple Candy Vigorous
Red Vigorous
Rose Pink Vigorous
Scarlet Vigorous
Sweetheart Vigorous
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