Pansy Premier F1

Commercially reliable and bestseller

Great results are being achieved with strong performer, large-flowered Pansy Premier F1.

A great all-rounder, renowned for its benefits, Pansy Premier is a large-flower series suited to autumn, winter and spring cultivation.

Bred by Sakata, Premier is a non-stretching, basal branching plant. It delivers reduced growing costs due to low PGR requirement.

An impressive and wide-ranging choice of colour, including mixes and specifically selected Premier Autumn colours.

Four new and improved colours have been added to Pansy Premier F1. Improved colours Red with Blotch Imp, and Clear Golden Imp, as well as new colours Beacon Rose and Primrose, strengthen this already popular range.

New colour Beaconsfield is now available in the Pansy Premier F1 Additions range.

New for 2022


New Colour Beacon Rose
Improved Colour Clear Golden Imp.
New Colour Primrose
Improved Colour Red with Blotch Imp
Premier F1 Additions Beaconsfield
Key Features - Pansy Premier F1
Large flowers on short stems
Compact non-stretching habit
Suited to spring or autumn production
Low PGR requirement
More about Pansy Premier
For Growers
  • Non-stretching
  • Basal branching habit
  • Reduced growing costs, low PGR requirement
For Retailers
  • Better plant quality
  • Less wastage, longer shelf life
  • Higher margins all-round
For Customers
  • Large flowers
  • Good winter-flowering capacity
  • Excellent garden performance
Shown here is a selection of the extensive Pansy Premier range.
Pansy Premier F1 Range
Premier F1
Large flowers produced early on with a compact basal branching habit. Ideally suited to high density pot or pack production.
NEW Beacon Rose
Pansy Premier Blue Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Blue with Blotch Imp
Pansy Premier Carmine Rose Earley Ornamentals
Carmine Rose with Blotch
NEW Clear Golden Imp.
Pansy Premier Clear Purple Earley Ornamentals
Clear Purple
Pansy Premier Clear Rose Earley Ornamentals
Clear Rose
Pansy Power Clear White Earley Ornamentals
Clear White
Pansy Premier Deep Blue w Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Deep Blue with Blotch
Pansy Premier Deep Orange Earley Ornamentals
Deep Orange
Pansy Premier Gold with Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Gold with Blotch
NEW Primrose
NEW Red with Blotch Imp.
Pansy Premier True Blue Earley Ornamentals
True Blue Imp
Pansy Premier White Blotch Earley Ornamentals
White with Blotch Imp
Pansy Premier Autumn White with Rose Blotch Earley Ornamentals
White Rose Blotch
Premier F1 Additions
NEW Beaconsfield
Pansy Premier Metallic Blue Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Metallic Blue Blotch
Pansy Premier Blue Jeans Earley Ornamentals
Blue Jeans
Pansy Premier Blueberry Thrill Earley Ornamentals
Blueberry Thrill
Pansy Premier Autumn Lavender Shades Earley Ornamentals
Lavender Shades
Pansy Premier Marina Earley Ornamentals
Marina Imp.
Pansy Premier Orange with Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Orange Blotch
Pansy Premier Purple Rose ans White Earley Ornamentals
Purple Rose & White
Pansy Premier Red Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Red & Yellow
Pansy Premier Violet Face Earley Ornamentals
Violet Face
Yellow Purple Wing
Premier Mixes
Six mixes available in the Premier F1 range
Pansy Premier F1 Autumn Mix Earley
Autumn Mix - Extra colours that match well for autumn production
Pansy Premier F1 Blotch Mix Earley Ornamentals
Blotch Mix
Pansy Premier F1 Clear Spring Mix Earley Ornamental
Clear Spring Mix
Pansy Premier F1 Cool Blues Mix Earley Ornamental
Cool Blues Mix
Pansy Premier F1 Forest Fruits Mix Earley Ornamentals
Forest Fruits Mix
Pansy Premier F1 Lemoncello Mix
Lemoncello Mix
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