Hello 2020!

We’re about to embark on a new decade. Looking towards 2020, it’s certainly going to be an interesting year, and not just in the young plant world.

But before looking ahead, I’d like to pull out a few 2019 Earley Ornamentals highlights that could support your business’ success in the next 12 months.

New commercial 2020 product range

BeautiCal 2020

Firstly, our updated 2020 product ranges. Developed with our growers in mind, we’ve released new commercial options to suit the demands of the market and our customers. See how the new varieties and colours in our bedding, basket and patio range, and those in our perennial collection, could work for your customers. My personal favourite is the ever-popular Nemesia range.

Customer convenience at the core

Bedding Catalogue Earley Ornamentals Perennials Catalogue Earley Ornamentals

This year, our new additions were launched at a very successful Four Oaks show via product supplements. For the first time, we chose to include these within updated issues of the Earley Ornamentals catalogues.

Investment in production

News New Gapping Machine Earley Ornamentals

Our production development continues. In 2019, we invested £200,000+ in a new gapping machine to meet the demands of our fast-turnaround and flexible production service. This contributes to productivity enhancement and, for customers, means trays are optimised with qualified plants that are uniform in terms of plant material and development. More on-going development and innovation is also already planned-in for 2020.

Planning ahead

Increasing awareness of the ornamentals industry’s environmental impact has never been more heightened. This, coupled with the recent election results and the forthcoming Brexit deadline, means building business relationships continues to be important.

Union Jack Nursery Earley Ornamentals

At Earley, we are committed to creating partnerships with customers, business partners and suppliers. So, if you need any technical growing help or support to develop your range during 2020, please do contact me, or your Area Sales Executive. We’re always here to assist.

A very Happy New Year to you and your team.

Simon Earley & the Earley team

P.S. Download our latest catalogues here or we can post copies to you on request, if you don’t have them already. Call 01845 524511.