Perennial 2020

New additions to the Perennial range for 2020

Designed to help you stay ahead and meet the needs of today’s challenging retail environment, the Earley Ornamentals Perennial range is packed with commercial opportunities.

Premium Perennials

A significant number of new additions have been made to the Premium Perennial range, which already includes over 600 varieties. The selection features many popular tissue culture lines as well as varieties from cutting and seed. This Premium Perennial range is ideally suited to production in larger pots.

The Earley growing perennial range also includes:

  • Alpines Seed Raised
  • Herbaceous Seed Raised
  • Dianthus

Shown here is a selection of the many NEW 2020 Perennials 

Geum Scarlet Tempest Earley Ornamentals
NEW Geum Scarlet Tempest
Osteospermum sennen sunrise Earley ornamentals
NEW Osteospermum Sennen Sunrise
Pulmonaria Shrimps On The Barbie Earley Ornamentals
NEW Pulmonaria Shrimps on the Barbie
Arenaria montana Snow White Earley Ornamentals
NEW Arenaria montana Snow White
Lilium formosana var pricei Earley Ornamentals
NEW Lilium formosanum Var.pricei
Campanula garganica Earley Ornamentals
NEW Campanula Garganica
Digitalis Polkadot Polly Earley Ornamentals
NEW Digitalis Polkadot Polly™
Pinks Blushing Star Earley Ornamentals
NEW Dianthus (Pinks) Blushing Star
Pinks Cherry Burst Earley Ornamentals
NEW Dianthus (Pinks) Cherry Burst
Shown below is a selection of the extensive Perennials range. See the 2020 Perennials catalogue for more.
Perennial 2020 Range
Premium Perennials
Expertly produced from seed, cutting and tissue culture, Premium Perennials are supplied as a 100-cell plug, a larger 50-cell plug or as a liner, and are available with labels.
Perennials Salvia Wendy's Wish Earley Ornamentals
Salvia Wendy's Wish
Gerbera Garvinea Sweet Sixteen Earley Ornamentals
Gerbera Garvinea™ Sweet Sixteen
Primula Ooh La La Blood Ornage Earley Ornamentals
Primula Ooh La La Blood Orange
Perennials Penstemon Blackbird Earley Ornamentals
NEW Penstemon Blackbird
Penstemon Flamingo Earley Ornamentals
NEW Penstemon Flamingo
Penstemon Snowstorm Earley Ornamentals
NEW Penstemon Snowstorm
Herbaceous seed raised
Bestselling seed raised herbaceous perennials for garden planting or patio pots.
Alchemilla mollis Thriller Earley Ornamentals
Alchemilla mollis Thriller
Perennials Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm Earley Ornamentals
Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm
Knifofia Flamenco Earley Ornamentals
Kniphofia Flamenco
Alpines seed raised
Popular and traditional seed raised alpines for rock gardens or patio pots.
Perennials Armeria maritima Morning Star White Earley Ornamentals
Armeria maritima Morning Star White
Arabis Little Treasure Deep Rose Earley Ornamentals
Arabis Little Treasure Deep Rose
Primula vialii Earley Oramentals
Primula vialii
Pinks are frost hardy, drought tolerant and often highly fragrant.
Pinks Aztec Star Earley Ornamentals
NEW Aztec Star
Pinks Bridal Star Garden Pinks Earley Ornamentals
Bridal Star
Pinks Coral Reef Scent First Earley Ornamentals
Coral Reef
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Nemesia Cream Surprise Earley Ornamentals
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