Earley Ornamentals Launches 2022 Range

Many new varieties, series, colours and plant improvements have been introduced to leading UK young plant producer Earley Ornamentals’ range.

The new range delivers on-trend and commercial plant choices for professional UK growers for 2022.

The bedding, basket and patio 2022 champion is Osteospermum Senoritas®. New to Earley Ornamentals, this popular variety is available in seven striking colours. It offers excellent growth and blooming characteristics, as well as early, uniform flowering.

Other cutting raised summer flowering additions include three unique colours in Calibrachoa Chameleon®, its flowers changing colours as the plant ages.

There are also three colours in new variety Calibrachoa Eyeconic™, which features a strong contrast in eye colour and complements another new Calibrachoa, semi-trailing, large-flowered Lia™.

Multiple new Petunia and Dahlia colours, three new Fuchsia, as well as new Geranium Interspecific varieties, are now available, including new pac® Cassiopeia in a rich Dark Red and three new colours in pac® TWOinONE.

For summer seed raised young plant options, headline products include leading semi-trailing Begonia Non Stop® Joy F1, which has new colours for 2022 – Orange, Red and Rose Picotee.

Three new Marigolds include Marigold African White Gold Max, which offers large, rain resistant, full double clean white flowers, new White Gold Mini, which provides good pack performance for retail sales and, new Deep Yellow has been added to Marigold French Super Hero™.

Seed-raised autumn highlights include five new colours in leading range Pansy Premier and Premier F1 Additions with six new popular garden colours for late-season Primrose Charlie.

New 2022 Perennials

This coming year’s 2022 Perennial star is new hardy Premium Perennial, showy Sedum SunSparkler®, which is available in five standout colours. With vibrant leaf colours, a neat growth habit and large flowers, SunSparkler® tolerates dry conditions and is a favourite with pollinating insects.

Other new Premium Perennials include easy-to-grow Primula BelarinaTM, a hardy double-flowered and delicately fragranced option Primula in three colours, Beaujolais, Ocean Blue and Sunrise Ruby.

The Earley Ornamentals Salvia selection has also been refreshed with six new introductions and its Pinks collection updated including new Alpine Pink, Berry Blush.

Commenting on the updated range, Earley Ornamentals managing director, Simon Earley said:

“Retaining our status as a leading UK-based independent young plant producer means we’re in a position to select the finest young plant varieties. This year is no exception with some stunning new options.

“Expert market insight and innovative sourcing ensure the 2022 range meets the latest trends and consumer demands. We’re predicting the Osteospermum Senoritas® will be popular in 2022 gardens – it offers superb flowering uniformity across the colours.”

Committed to producing quality young plants for the UK market, Earley Ornamentals is a leading, independent business that is proud to be the selected partner for many of the UK’s leading commercial and retail growers.

With an extensive product range of high-quality stock designed to meet the needs of today’s professional growers, over 180m young plants, made up of 1,700 varieties, are grown each year at Earley’s state-of-the-art 12-acre site near Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

Download the new catalogues here

Earley Ornamentals Bedding Brochure 2022

Earley Ornamentals Perennial Brochure 2021-22