Trends Highlights 2021-22 Revealed by Earley Ornamentals

Always looking to make plant selection easier for our customers, we have just launched our colour and plant trends highlights for 2021-22, ensuring that on-trend plants for UK gardens will be available for consumers to buy in the coming seasons.
The Earley Ornamentals Trends highlights is a snapshot of the primary home, lifestyle and garden trends that will be appearing in 2021-22.

We’ve put together five trends groups. Each group features a selection of bedding and perennial plants and colours from the Earley Ornamentals range to reflect the trend – there are many more in our extensive range to choose from.

The first trend group is Cottage, which promotes a mix of plants and colours that offers a timeless, nostalgic design. Complementing the rise of therapy, wellbeing and mental health gardens, Cottage embraces texture, colour, wildlife attractors and, importantly, fragrance.

Bringing optimism to UK gardens, the Lights to Brights trend group showcases a popular and colourful range of plants from softer pastels to bold bright colours. With plenty of growing options, this trend is designed to create gardens that uplift on a sunny day or brighten a darker day.

In a time where we’ve all been forced to pare back, the Pure trend group is a simple, clean and uncluttered range of plants that suits both contemporary and classic styles – ideal for outdoor relaxation, socialising and entertainment.

For a more deconstructed approach to garden design, Relaxed Nature is a mix of bedding and perennial plants that offers an eclectic mix, comprising gentle comfortable colourways. This trend lends itself especially to the introduction of butterflies and bees into the UK gardens.

The fifth and final trend group is Happy Energy. Inspired by Pantone Colour of the Year 2021, this trend group is a mix of sunny yellows and silvery greys. The Earley Ornamentals range offers plenty of scope for yellow-flowered plant growing options across the seasons.

Commenting on this year’s trend groups, Simon Earley (owner and Managing Director) said:

“Ensuring we’re on top of the consumer tastes and home designs that inevitably spill out into the garden means that we’re growing the right coloured plants for our customers as well as meeting changing growing opportunities and garden sizes.

“This will be especially important in a post-pandemic environment where outdoor spaces are valued more than ever!

“With new gardeners discovering the likes of balcony gardening and creating patio pots, and experienced gardeners enjoying more time in the garden, the increase in gardening popularity and the anticipated 2021 uptake, will bring gardening front of house once more – it’s going to be a busy year.”

See the plants featured in the Earley Ornamentals 2021-22 Trends Highlights here.

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