Sensory Garden

Plants that stimulate the senses

Sensory garden planting

Plants and ranges that offer a sensory experience is an increasing trend in the UK garden and home sector.

The ornamental sensory garden collection shown here is a small part of the many and varied sensory plants that feature in the Earley Ornamentals range.

These visually stunning plants provide texture, colour, wildlife attractors and, importantly, fragrance.

With its many large flowers and a wide range of colours, Calibrachoa Lia™ offers a colourful sensation, as does the striking colours in the Petunia range.

The scented Nemesia, which creates floriferous bushy plants and the ever-popular Dianthus  – both add wonderful colour and fragrance. The popular garden favourite Geranium offers citrus and fruity scents. For autumn and spring flowering, the versatile and hardy Wallflower Sugar Rush F1 also delivers with no vernalisation required.

For touch and to add texture to gardens, select from the Osteospermum range and the Thymus group, which is also aromatic.

Key Features - Sensory Garden
S/S & A/W flowering
Stunning colours
Fragrant flowers
All containers
Compact options
Suitable for all gardens
Wildlife attractors
Sensory Garden Range
NEW Lia™ Blue
NEW Lia™ Bubblegum
NEW Lia™ Glaze
NEW Lia™ Melon
NEW Lia™ Yellow
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A great all-round garden plant, Pinks are frost hardy, drought-tolerant and often highly fragrant.
Earley Ornamentals
Diamond F1 Mix
Pinks Candy Floss Scent First Earley
Scent First® Candy Floss
Pinks Coral Reef Scent First Earley Ornamentals
Scent First® Coral Reef
Pinks Passion Head Scent First Earley Ornamentals
Scent First® Passion
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NEW Geranium Horizon Shadow Mixed
NEW Cassiopeia Dark Red
NEW Green Leaf pac® Flowerfairy® Pink
NEW Green Leaf pac® Flowerfairy® Violet 21
NEW TWOinONE Scarlet
NEW TWOinONE White Splash
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Popular options with fragrant and early-flowering choices, bi-colour, bushy and semi-trailing varieties, the Earley Ornamentals Nemesia range is a bestseller.
Aroma Heart of Gold Earley Ornamentals
Aroma™ Heart of Gold
Nemesia Aroma Plums & Custard Earley Ornamentals
Aroma™ Plums & Custard Imp.
Nemesia Cream Surprise Earley Ornamentals
Cream Surprise
Nemesia Easter Bonnet Earley Ornamentals
Easter Bonnet
NEW Evening Dusk
Nemesia Lady Penelope Earley Ornamentals
Lady Penelope
Nemesia SunPeddle Painted Plum Earley Ornamentals
Sunpeddle® Painted Plum
Nemesia Wisley Vanilla Earley Ornamentals
Wisley Vanilla
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NEW Senoritas® Blanca
NEW Senoritas® Havilah
NEW Senoritas® Linda
NEW Senoritas® Lucia
NEW Senoritas® Monica
NEW Senoritas® Nina
NEW Senoritas® Tanja
NEW Constellation™ Supernova
NEW Crazytunia® Lucky Lilac
NEW Crazytunia® Passion Punch
NEW Crazytunia® Peach Bellini
NEW Tumbelina® Sophia
NEW Tumbelina® Superstar
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NEW Mojave Purple
NEW Mojave White
Excellent aromatic and spreading varieties.
Thyme Golden Queen Earley Ornamentals
Golden Queen
Thyme Silver Posie Earley Ornamentals
Silver Posie
Wallflowers Sugar Rush F1
Flowers autumn and spring, Sugar Rush is hardy in most situations with a strong branching habit.
Wallflower SugarRush Mixed Earley Ornamentals
Wallflower SugarRush Purple Earley Ornamentals
Purple Bicolour
Wallflower SugarRush Primrose Earley Ornamentals
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Sensory Selection
NEW Begonia Fragrant Falls® Lemon
Bellis BamBam Rose Earley Ornamentals
NEW Bellis Bam Bam Rose Imp.
Primrose Sparkly Mix
Range Support
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