Bedding, Basket and Patio 2022

New for 2022

Continuing to grow and develop in this ever-changing environment, Earley Ornamentals retains its status as a leading UK-based independent young plant producer.

The new Bedding, Basket & Patio range features an extensive commercial range of young plants for 2022.  Expert insight and innovative sourcing ensure the 2022 range meets the latest trends and consumer demands.

This range’s 2022 champion is Osteospermum Senoritas®. This popular variety is available in seven striking colours. It offers excellent growth and blooming characteristics, as well as early, uniform flowering.

Other cutting raised summer flowering additions include three unique colours in Calibrachoa Chameleon® , its flowers change colour as the plant ages.

There are three colours in the new variety Calibrachoa Eyeconic™, which features a strong contrast in eye colour and complements another new Calibrachoa, semi-trailing large-flowered Lia™.

Multiple new Petunia and Dahlia colours, three new Fuchsia, as well as new Geranium Interspecific varieties, are now available, including new pac® Cassiopeia in a rich Dark Red and three new colours in pac® TWOinONE.

For summer seed raised young plant options, headline products include leading semi-trailing Begonia range Non Stop® Joy F1, which has new colours for 2022 – Orange, Red and Rose Picotee.

Three new Marigolds include Marigold African White Gold Max, which offers large, rain resistant, full double clean white flowers, new White Gold Mini, which provides good pack performance for retail sales and, new Deep Yellow has been added to Marigold French Super Hero™.

Seed raised autumn highlights include five new colours in the leading range Pansy Premier and Premier F1 Additions with six new popular garden colours for late-season Primrose Charlie.

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Bedding, Basket and Patio 2022 Range
New Seed Raised Summer Flowering for 2022
New Begonia 2022
Begonia Non Stop® Joy F1 Orange
Begonia Non Stop® Joy F1 Red
Begonia Non Stop® Joy F1 Rose Picotee
Begonia Bossa Nova™ F1 Night Fever Rosso
Begonia Bossa Nova™ F1 Pink Glow
Begonia Bossa Nova™ F1 Yellow Imp.
New Geranium 2022
Geranium Horizon Shadow Mixed
New Marigold 2022
Marigold African White Gold Max
Marigold African White Gold Mini
Marigold French Super Hero™ Deep Yellow
New Petunia 2022
Petunia Espresso Grande Blue
Petunia Espresso Grande Pink
Petunia Espresso Grande Red
Petunia Espresso Grande White
Petunia Espresso Grande Mix
New Salvia 2022
Salvia Mojave Purple
Salvia Mojave White
Salvia Mojave Mix
New Zinnia 2022
Zinnia Profusion Double Mixed Imp.
New Cutting Raised Summer Flowering for 2022
New Begonia 2022
Begonia Fragrant Falls® Lemon
New Calibrachoa 2022
Calibrachoa Chameleon® Desert Rose
Calibrachoa Chameleon® Pink Diamond
Calibrachoa Chameleon® Sunshine Berry Imp.
Calibrachoa Eyeconic™ Cherry Blossom
Calibrachoa Eyeconic™ Compact Sunset
Calibrachoa Eyeconic™ Purple
Calibrachoa Lia™ Amethyst Bling
Calibrachoa Lia™ Blue
Calibrachoa Lia™ Bubblegum
Calibrachoa Lia™ Dark Red
Calibrachoa Lia™ Glaze
Calibrachoa Lia™ Melon
Calibrachoa Lia™ Raspberry
Calibrachoa Lia™ Yellow
New Dahlia 2022
Dahlia Labella® Maggiore Fun Chocolate Yellow
Dahlia Labella® Medio Pink
Dahlia Labella® Medio Red
Dahlia Labella® Medio White
Dahlia Labella® Medio Yellow
New Fuchsia 2022
Fuchsia-Bush General Monk
Fuchsia Hardy Bush Hawkshead
Fuchsia Giant Trailing Seventh Heaven
New Geranium 2022
Geranium Green Leaf pac® Flowerfairy® Pink
Geranium Green Leaf pac® Flowerfairy® Violet 21
Geranium Dark Leaf pac® Samara Velvet Red
Geranium Interspecific pac® Cassiopeia Dark Red
Geranium Interspecific pac® TWOinONE Peach
Geranium Interspecific pac® TWOinONE Scarlet
Geranium Interspecific pac® TWOinONE White Splash
New SunPatiens® 2022
SunPatiens® Compact Lilac Imp.
SunPatiens® Compact Rose Glow
SunPatiens® Vigorous Sweetheart
New Marguerite 2022
Marguerite Simba® Pink with Eye
New Nemesia 2022
Nemesia Evening Dusk
New Osteospermum 2022
Osteospermum Senoritas® Blanca
Osteospermum Senoritas® Havilah
Osteospermum Senoritas® Linda
Osteospermum Senoritas® Lucia
Osteospermum Senoritas® Monica
Osteospermum Senoritas® Nina
Osteospermum Senoritas® Tanja
New X Petchoa 2022
X Petchoa Beautical™ Pearl White
X Petchoa Beautical™ Purple Dawn
New Petunia 2022
Petunia Constellation™ Supernova
Petunia Crazytunia® Lucky Lilac
Petunia Crazytunia® Passion Punch
Petunia Crazytunia® Peach Bellini
Petunia Tumbelina® Sophia
Petunia Tumbelina Superstar Earley Ornamentals
Petunia Tumbelina® Superstar
New Verbena 2022
Verbena Estrella® Imperial Blue
New Seed Raised Autumn to Spring Flowering for 2022
New Bellis 2022
Bellis Bam Bam Rose Imp.
New Pansy 2022
Pansy Freefall® F1 White Rose Wing
Pansy Premier F1 Beacon Rose
Pansy Premier F1 Clear Golden Imp.
Pansy Premier F1 Primrose
Pansy Premier F1 Red with Blotch Imp.
Pansy Premier F1 Additions Beaconsfield
New Polyanthus 2022
Polyanthus SuperNova Blue Earley Ornamentals
Polyanthus Supernova F1 Blue Imp.
New Primrose 2022
Primrose Primus F1 Purple Flame
Primrose Evie F1 Red Flame Imp.
Primrose Charlie F1 Mid Blue
Primrose Charlie F1 Pink
Primrose Charlie F1 Red
Primrose Charlie F1 Violet
Primrose Charlie F1 White
Primrose Charlie F1 Yellow
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