Be Bold with Colour

Bold colours with statement blooms

The versatile big and bright Begonia range adds striking colour to landscapes, patios and hanging baskets.

Many colourful options are available in the Calibrachoa and Petunia ranges. The unique Chameleon® colours are constantly changing as the plant ages and the Petunia Constellation™ has unusual bright pink flowers that are stippled with white flecks and blotches.

For summer, the giant flowering Dahlia Labella® Maggiore Deep Rose or the unique colours of compact Labella® Medio Fun make strong commercial choices for colourful planting schemes.

Suited to autumn, winter and spring cultivation, the commercially reliable Pansy Premier F1 is a great all-rounder with large flowers and a bold mix of colour combinations available. Earley’s garden hero, Viola Vibrante F1, offers exceptional flowering time uniformity, ensuring plants are ready to flower at the same time. The bright new jewel colours in the Primrose Charlie F1 range offers a late-season option.

Gazania Kiss F1 Mix and the new Salvia Mojave Mix provide stunning blends of colours.

Key Features - Be Bold with Colour
Robust and floriferous
Range of flower size
S/S & A/W flowering
Striking range of colours
Fragrant varieties
Suitable for all gardens
For all containers
Weather tolerant
Be Bold with Colour Range
Suitable for mass bedding for landscape, patio use or hanging baskets, there are many Begonia types and varieties to choose from in the Earley range.
Begonia Bossa Nova Nightfever Papaya Earley Ornamentals
Bossa Nova™ Night Fever Papaya
Bossa Nova™ F1 Pink Glow
Begonia Illumination Lemon Earley Ornamentals
Illumination® F1 Lemon
Begonia Fragrant Falls Peach Earley Ornamentals
Fragrant Falls® Peach
Begonia Senator IQ Earley Ornamentals
IQ F1 Rose Bicolour
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A garden staple, the attractive calibrachoa delivers mounds of foliage and is a vibrant flowering plant.
Candy Shop Grape Splash Imp.
Calibrachoa Candy Shop Candy Crush Earley Ornamentals
Candy Shop™ Candy Crush
Calibrachoa Chameleon Atomic Orange Earley Ornamentals
Chameleon® Atomic Orange
Chameleon® Desert Rose
Petchoa Supercal Blue Earley Ornamentals
X Petchoa SuperCal® Blue
Lia™ Amethyst Bling
Lia™ Dark Red
Lia™ Raspberry
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A delightful colourful cottage garden plant and the highlight of late summer gardens.
Dahlia Moonfire Earley Ornamentals
Dark Leaf Moonfire
Dahlia Labella Grande Orange Bicolor Earley Ornamentals
Labella® Grande Orange Bicolour
Dahlia Labella Maggiore Deep Rose Earley Ornamentals
Labella® Maggiore Deep Rose
Labella® Maggiore Fun Chocolate Yellow
Dahlia Labella Medio Golden Eye Earley Ornamentals
Labella® Medio Fun Golden Eye
Dahlia Labella Medio Fun Orange Flame Earley Ornamentals
Labella® Medio Fun Orange Flame
NEW Labella® Medio Fun Pink
Labella® Medio Fun Red
Dahlia Labella Medio Fun Rose Earley Ornamentals
Labella® Medio Fun Rose Fun
Labella® Medio Fun White
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Osteospermum Senoritas®
Bringing big blooming colour to pots and baskets
Senoritas® Havilah
Senoritas® Lucia
Senoritas® Tanja
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Pansy and Viola
For easy wide-ranging colour, choose Earley Ornamentals' large flowered Pansy Premier F1 and Viola Vibrante F1 with its flowering time uniformity.
Pansy Premier F1 Blotch Mix Earley Ornamentals
Pansy Premier F1 Blotch Mix
Pansy Premier F1 Clear Spring Mix Earley Ornamental
Pansy Premier F1 Clear Spring Mix
Pansy Premier F1 Cool Blues Mix Earley Ornamental
Pansy Premier F1 Cool Blues Mix
Viola Tiger Eye Earley Ornamentals
Viola Tiger Eye F1 Yellow
Viola Vibrante Mix Earley Ornamentals
Viola Vibrante F1 Mix
Viola Vibrante Jump Up Mix Earley Ornamentals
Viola Vibrante F1 Jump Up Mix
Viola Vibrante Lemoncello Mix Earley Ornamentals
Viola Vibrante F1 Lemoncello Mix
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Choose from vibrant colours and unusual patterns, multiflora double and milliflora choices too with plenty of options for landscapes and borders.
Constellation™ Supernova
Petunia Constellation Aries Earley Ornamentals
Constellation™ Aries
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The Earley Primula range includes Primroses, Primula and Polyanthus that deliver early, mid and late season flowering, excellent display combinations, bright colours, and large and double flowers.
Primus F1 Purple Flame
Charlie F1 Mid Blue
Charlie F1 Pink
Charlie F1 Red
Charlie F1 Violet
Charlie F1 White
Charlie F1 Yellow
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Colour Collection
Gazania Kiss F1 Mix
Salvia Mojave Mix
Range Support
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