New Products and Catalogues for 2023

Grower & Retail Opportunity from Earley Ornamentals

Providing UK growers and retailers with new product opportunities, leading UK young plant producer Earley Ornamentals has refreshed its range with new series, varieties and colours, as well as new Pot Perfect collections.

Launching its Bedding, Basket and Patio and Perennial catalogues for 2023, the company has also updated its growing facilities – enhancing efficiency and capacity in response to increasing demand.

Petunia Bubbles Butterfly Purple White Earley Ornamentals
Petunia Bubbles™

An appealing option for Spring Summer 2023 is the latest UK breeding – new cutting raised Petunia Bubbles™. Extremely weatherproof and specifically bred for UK conditions, this concept series is cold tolerant for early production and late season performance.

More Petunia additions include two new colours for the all-weather BeautiCal® range, which has a semi-trailing habit with large flowers produced in profusion. There are also two stunning new colours in the double-flowered series, Tumbelina®, which complements the Surfinia® range. And two new colours added to the compact trailing Petunia Designer™.

Geranium Horizon Shadow Mix Earley Ornamentals
Geranium Horizon F1 Shadow

Another reliable performer for the UK climate for 2023 is Geranium Horizon F1 Shadow – a good value, new seed raised option for pack or pot sales. Requiring less PGR, it is compact, vigorous and quick to flower, with the dark zoning on its leaves producing chocolate foliage.

New cutting raised Geranium choices include pretty Green Leaf Sel® Sunrise® Holly, Dark Leaf options Pac® Belinda and Sel® Moonlight® Denise. Also new is Geranium Interspecific Pac® TwoinOne Scarlet Kiss. Combining a hybrid of different species, it provides good branching, abundant flowering and weather tolerance, which means minimal care is required.

Impatiens Beacon®

A competitive Impatiens option is new variety, weather-resistant Beacon®. This easy-to-grow, versatile plant offers excellent structure, flower size and high resistance to Downy Mildew. Available in a range of bright, popular colours, it delivers good vigour and season-long colour to gardens and landscapes. Expanding the Impatiens offer further are the five new colours added to the 2023 high-performing cutting raised SunPatiens® range – the ultimate choice for amenity beds, gardens and large patio pots.

There are other new summer options, too, including new variety Bacopa Epic™. Benchmarking production reliability, Epic™ offers excellent plug quality. Heat tolerant, this robust, vigorous, trailing range is available in four popular colours.

Labella® Maggiore

There are also new Dahlia colours in Labella® Maggiore and Dreamy™ as well as new Osteospermum colours for Senoritas® and Sunny®.

For autumn, winter and spring cultivation, there are two new colours in reliable, market-leading Pansy Premier. Part of a continual improvement breeding programme, which makes it capable of withstanding fluctuations in the UK’s changing seasons. This pansy achieves great results.

Pansy Cats® Plus

Also for 2023 is the new series Pansy Cats® Plus. This features five striking colours with distinctive ‘whisker’ patterns. Improved habit, earliness and branching make this range a perfect selection for autumn and early spring sales.

A new Viola Perfetto F1 colour is now available for 2023. The popular Perfetto F1 complements Earley Ornamentals’ own Viola Vibrante, offering compact and uniform plants.

Benefitting from the latest breeding techniques new early flowering primrose series Dania F1 is now available as a mix, and there are four new colours in other Primrose varieties.

A Pot Perfect collection also includes the new Primula, Chameleon F1, Lipstick F1 and Snow White F1, and to provide a comprehensive retail option, Mojito F1, Milkshake F1, Woodland Rose F1, Zebra F1 and Candy Mix are also included in this collection.

Rounding up the Bedding, Basket and Patio update, there’s a new 2023 cutting raised Pericallis Senetti® in a quite different colour Senetti® Orange Red.

Discover the New for 2023 Bedding range here.

For the increasingly popular Perennial 2023 range, we’ve added 46 new plant options. Again, all are designed to meet the changing requirements of UK gardens and landscapes.

Echinacea PollyNation

Several highlights include early flowering Echinacea PollyNation, which features large flowers and is available in four striking colours. It offers a well branching habit and excellent heat and drought tolerance.

There are also two new ground-hugging Ajuga varieties available – Ajuga Chocolate Chip provides blue-toned flowers that combine well with spring bulbs and Ajuga Rainbow, which provides a carpet of leaves.

Delosperma Jewel of Desert

Other Premium Perennial options include low-growing Delosperma Jewel of Desert, which provides a spreading mat of cylindrical, succulent leaves and daisy-like flowers with a choice of six colours.

For Gaura, there are two new Flamingo colours as well as new Freefolk Rosy, Lollipop Pink and Rosyjane.

Discover the New for 2023 Perennial range here.

Earley Ornamentals

Commenting on the refreshed range, Simon Earley, Earley Ornamentals Managing Director, said: “This year, the focus has been on bringing more of the latest and most reliable breeding to the range, especially looking at tailoring products to meet changing UK climate conditions. One of my favourite examples of this approach is Petunia BubblesTM.

“Also noteworthy is our response to the increased level of demand we’ve experienced. Primarily, this has involved investment at our 12-acre site North Yorkshire site in extra sowing capacity to support our commitment to delivering quality plants direct to our customers nationwide.”

Download the new Earley Ornamentals Bedding, Basket and Patio and Perennial 2023 catalogues here.

Watch our New for 2023 video for a quick run-through of the 2023 introductions.

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