Launch of NEW FOR 2024 video

Earley Ornamentals, a leading UK-based young plant producer, has recently launched its New for 2024 range, featuring the latest plants for bedding, baskets, and pots. The range offers new commercial options across the bedding and perennial ranges, showcasing all the key products for the upcoming year.

To help customers make informed decisions, the company has released a new video providing a quick reference guide to the range. The video showcases the latest varieties, series, and colours, as well as breeder improvements.

The ‘New for 2024’ video promises to provide planning inspiration for growers and retailers and is ideal for those looking to add fresh, exciting plants to their ranges next year. With a focus on quality and innovation, the company is committed to providing customers with the very best young plants.

Watch the ‘New for 2024’ video here to see the latest products and start planning for the upcoming year.

Discover more about the NEW FOR 2024 range here.