Happy Christmas 2020

Who would ever have thought 2020 would be such a year to remember.

Remarkably, I’m pleased to say it’s been a positive year commercially here at Earley Ornamentals. Once the shock of the first national lockdown had subsided, customers got resourceful finding new ways to sell. Supporting them with the right service, thankfully, we’ve had one of the best autumns for several years.

UK-produced is proving popular

The reality of Brexit also appears to be picking up pace. As a UK producer, we’re in a good position for 2021. Already, we’ve seen a definite uplift in orders for next year with customers choosing an established UK supply chain.

New for 2021

Never resting on our laurels though, the Earley team has been busy sourcing new commercial young plant growing options for 2021.

You can watch our New for 2021 Bedding, Basket & Patio video to find out more.

Even more popular this year, we’ve also expanded our Perennial range, which features over 40 NEW introductions to our star Premium Perennial collection.

Please do give me a call on 01845 524511 if you would like to discuss your plans – I’d be happy to help with your plant choices to maximise growing capacity and performance for you in 2021.

From us all here at Earley Ornamentals, I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and hope that 2021 is a successful year for you and year team.

Simon Earley & the Earley team