Explore Our State-of-the-Art Site from Anywhere

We are excited to announce that you can now take a virtual tour of our 12-acre state-of-the-art site without leaving your seat.

While we would like to show you around personally, we understand that schedules can be tight. With our new drone flythrough feature, you can now experience a birds-eye view of our facilities right from your computer.

During the virtual tour, you will get an up-close look at our computer-controlled greenhouses, the precision CombiFix-II gapping machine, cutting-edge filling and seeding areas, the new filling building, the new germination chamber, the latest automatic irrigation booms and our climate-managed transport fleet.

We are committed to continuously investing in our site, and our robotics and automation systems enhance our productivity.

One highlight of the tour is the CombiFix-II gapping machine, which has been specially adapted to accommodate our 480 and 360 trays. You will see the robotic arms in action, ensuring precise gap-filling for high-quality young plant stock.


In addition, you will have the opportunity to see our Urbinati irrigation booms, which are responsible for automatic and scheduled watering in our growing zones. These new booms are already enhancing our watering management programme, contributing to more sustainable growing practices and energy reduction.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented measures to reduce our environmental impact. You will be able to explore our biomass heating operation, which not only meets our energy requirements but also allows us to save 664 tonnes of CO² each year. This technology has positioned us as one of the first horticultural businesses in Yorkshire to adopt such a sustainable heating solution. Moreover, we prioritise sourcing wood chips from local suppliers to minimise supply miles and reduce our carbon footprint.

At Earley Ornamentals, we are dedicated to conserving and efficiently using energy and water throughout our greenhouse operation. Our virtual tour will provide a comprehensive look at these sustainability measures and their integral part in our commitment to environmental stewardship.

We invite you to take a birds-eye view of our site and witness our ongoing efforts to lead the way in innovative young plant production.

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