New In

Included in this latest range update is the new series Dania F1; this new breeding compact plant delivers good foliage and is a pack perfect product ideal for 9-10cm pots.

Pot Perfect

Earley’s Pot Perfect collection includes the new primulas, Chameleon F1, Lipstick F1 and Snow White F1, and to provide a comprehensive retail option, Mojito F1, Milkshake F1, Woodland Rose F1, Zebra F1 and Candy Mix are also included in this collection.

Enhancing the primula selection, new colours have been introduced to the current primula ranges – Evie F1 Lemon Cream and Charlie F1 Orange, Wine Red and Mix, and the new Ambie F1 Mix imp.

Viola Update

Development of the Earley viola range continues with the addition of the new viola species Cats® Plus and the new colour, Pink Picotee, is now available in the Viola Perfetto range.