UK Garden Plants For Pantone Colour Of The Year 2023

Responding to the announcement that the Pantone Colour of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta, leading UK young plant producer Earley Ornamentals has put together a selection of young plant options from its extensive range to meet grower demand across Bedding, Basket and Patio as well as Perennial – all selected for UK gardens.

This vibrant pinky colour with a hint of purple derives from the red colour family and will create a standout statement in any garden or park landscape, as Simon Earley, Earley Ornamentals managing director, explains:

“According to Pantone, Viva Magenta is an unconventional colour for an unconventional time, which is spot on following recent years. In terms of garden colour, it’s a great option. With magenta sitting between red and blue, a mid way between a warm and cool colour palette, this optimistically strong colour can be used to pull a scheme together perfectly.”

Select the Pansy Power F1 Rose Blotch Imp or Primrose Charlie F1 Wine Red Edge for richer autumn and winter options. A vivid statement choice might be Senetti Orange Red, Cyclamen Smartiz Mix or Cyclamen Super Serie Carino Fuji Mix,  and Viola Perfetto Pink Picotee for a lighter, pinker option.

Primrose Charlie F1 Wine Red Edge

In terms of new summer flowering, there is Begonia Viking Explorer F1 Red, semi trailing Begonia Non Stop® Joy F1 Rose Picotee, Geranium Horizon F1 Shadow Violet or pinky PAC® Flowerfairy® Violet 21.  On-trend and delivering strong colours are the new seed raised Bidens Nice and Spicy and cutting raised Dahlia Dark Leaf Dreamy™ Hot Chocolate and Dreamy™ Dance.

A hard-working and proven best performer in all conditions, SunPatiens® provides the ultimate choice for amenity beds, gardens, and large patio pots – two colour options that work with the Viva Magenta colour are Purple Candy and Lavender Splash.

Other Impatiens that suit the trend are Beacon® Rose and Mix, as does Impatiens Xtreme Violet and Lilac.

Some great Petunia include the rich-coloured Ultra F1 Vein Mix and all-weather BeautiCal® Bordeaux, or pinky options include Petunia Bubbles™ Purple and Petunia Designer™ Starburst Cherry.

Petchoa Beautical Bordeaux Earley OrnamentalsPetunia Designer Starburst Cherry Earley Ornamentals

A couple of Nemesia that hit the mark include the popular classic Nemesia Bordeaux Red and the lightly fragrant Nemesia Evening Dusk.

Nemesia Bordeaux Earley Ornamentals

More summer options that would fit the bill are Cosmos Apollo Carmine with its large eye-catching flowers or Fuchsia Bush General Monk – ideal for impulse sales and high-density production.

Strong Perennial choices include new, very early flowering Echinacea PollyNation in Magenta and Orange Red.

Please contact us to find out more about our extensive range of young plants.