UK Bestsellers 2021

Commercially high performing range opportunities that our growers keep coming back to

Our popular plants that deliver multiple benefits for growers and gardeners

Proven to perform, this section features our best selling young plants. Long-lasting Begonia, colourful and commercially viable Pansy options, like our top seller Premier, as well as an extensive range of reliable Viola. All offer excellent commercial growing opportunities.

Other colourful contemporary bestsellers include Calibrachoa and X Petchoa BeautiCal®, our multi-season SunPatiens® and the beautiful Bella Fuchsia® range.

Another Earley Ornamentals Top 10 seller is Nemesia, which offers stunning bi-colour and scented options, followed closely by the wide-ranging Petunia group.

Key Features - UK Bestsellers 2021
Fragrant options
Urban garden
Be bold with colour
S/S and A/W flowering
For all containers
Big and bold
Sensory garden
Tolerant of cold, heat and rain
UK Bestsellers 2021 Range
Ideal for mass bedding for landscape, patio use or hanging baskets.
Begonia Ambassador pink Earley Ornamentals
Ambassador F1 Pink Imp.
Begonia Emperor imp Red Earley Ornamentals
Emperor F1 Red Imp.
Begonia Senator IQ Earley Ornamentals
Senator IQ F1 Rose bicolour
Begonia Viking Pink on Chocolate Earley Ornamentals
Viking F1 Pink on Chocolate
Begonia Viking Red on Chocolate Earley Ornamentals
Viking F1 Red on Chocolate
Bold colour range
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Bella Fuchsia®
This inspiring series is compact and very early blooming. Both upright and semi-trailing varieties are available in an impressive range of colours.
Extensive range
Fuchsia Bella Faya Earley Ornamentals
Fuchsia Bella Laura Earley Ornamentals
Fuchsia Bella Lisa Earley Ornamentals
Fuchsia Bella Maria Earley Ornamentals
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Calibrachoa & X Petchoa BeautiCal®
A selection of attractive and vibrant flowering plants, including the all weather versatile BeautiCal®
BeautiCal 2020
Candy Shop™ Grape Splash Imp.
Calibrachoa Chameleon Earley Ornamentals
Chameleon® Sunshine Berry
Calibrachoa Chameleon Double Tickled Pink Earley Ornamentals
Chameleon® Double Tickled Pink
Petchoa Supercal Light Yellow Earley Ornamentals
X Petchoa SuperCal® Light Yellow
Petchoa Supercal Neon Rose Earley Ornamentals
X Petchoa SuperCal® Neon Rose
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Popular options with fragrant and early-flowering choices, bi-colour, bushy and semi-trailing varieties, the Earley Ornamentals Nemesia range is a bestseller.
Colourful range
Nemesia Aroma Plums & Custard Earley Ornamentals
Aroma™ Plums & Custard Imp.
Nemesia Cream Surprise Earley Ornamentals
Cream Surprise
Nemesia Lady Penelope Earley Ornamentals
Lady Penelope
Nemesia Sunpeddle Painted Rose Earley Ornamentals
Sunpeddle® Painted Rose
Nemesia Wisley Vanilla Earley Ornamentals
Wisley Vanilla
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An extensive commercial range, including the bestselling large-flowered Premier F1 and the trailing Freefall® Fl and Freefall®XL.
Freefall® F1 XL Fire
Freefall® F1 True Blue
Pansy Premier White Blotch Earley Ornamentals
Premier F1 White with Blotch
Pansy Premier F1 Autumn Mix Earley
Premier F1 Autumn Mix
Mariposa F1 Orange with Blotch
Pansy Ultima Radiance Earley Ornamentals
Ultima Radiance F1
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Choose from vibrant colours and unusual patterns, multiflora double and milliflora choices too with plenty of options for landscapes and borders.
Crazytunia® Moonstruck
Petunia Ultra Earley Ornamentals
Ultra F1 Stars Mix
Petunia Milliflora Picobella Earley Ornamentals
Picobella F1 Mix
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Colourful and consistent - exceptional outdoor performance, this multi-season plant is ideal for both landscape and garden.
Vigorous Lavender Bicolour
SunPatiens Vigorous Orange Earley Ornamentals
Vigorous Orange Imp.
Compact Blush Pink
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The popular Earley Ornamentals Viola range includes commercial garden heroes including Earley's own Viola Vibrante.
Viola Grandissimo Clear Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Grandissimo Clear Yellow
Viola Vibrante Pink Surprise Earley Ornamentals
Vibrante F1 Pink Surprise
Viola Vibrante Jump Up Mix Earley Ornamentals
Vibrante F1 Yellow Jump Up Mix
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