Autumn Selection

Autumn to Spring Flowering

Flowers and foliage for autumn patio containers and baskets, plus a range of spring flowering cool crops for over-winter production.

Autumn Selection Range
Leading autumn range
A selection of the most popular autumn products
Anemone Harmony Double White Earley Ornentals
Anemone Harmony Double
Bellis BamBam Rose Earley Ornamentals
Bellis BamBam
Cyclamen Super Serie Mini Winter Earley Ornamentals
Cyclamen Super Serie Mini
Myosotis Sylva Blue Earely Ornamentals
Pansy Premier F1 Autumn Mix Earley
Pansy Premier F1
Pansy Freefall® XL F1
Primula Veristar Yellow Earley Ornamentals
Primula Veris (Cowslip)
Primus Blue Earley Ornamentals
Primrose Primus F1
Ranunculus F1 Mache Earley Ornamentals
Ranunculus Mache F1
Viola Vibrante Jump Up Mix Earley Ornamentals
Viola Vibrante F1
Viola Grandissimo Clear Purple Earley Ornamentals
Viola Grandissimo
Ajuga Braun Hertz Earley Ornamentals
Patio Collection
Poppins Chrysanthemum Prelude Popcorn Earley Ornamentals
Chrysanthemum Poppins
Pinks Ruffles Garden Pinks Earley Ornamentals
Dianthus (Pinks)
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