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Poppins Chrysanthemum

Just 'Poppin' the plug, water, feed and sell!

Poppins Chrysanthemum

Innovative breeding has produced an easy to grow compact patio Chrysanthemum. These Chrysanthemums are ideal for production in packs and small pots. 


  Chrysanthemum Prelude Yellow Jewel



  • Suitable for glasshouse production without stretching or heat delay to flowering
  • No pinch needed
  • No PGR required
  • Tolerant to White Rust
  • No blockout needed
  • Natural season sales - 
    early September to mid October 
  • Naturally compact
  • Well matched habits
  • All flower buds open
  • Some colours have extra long garden life
    (up to 8 weeks - Yellow Jewel)
  • Typical 'mum colours 
  • Much easier to grow than conventinal 'mums 
  • Lower production costs
  • Ideal for growers with no special facilities
  • Suitable for high density production
  • For 6 - 4 packs
  • 9 - 14cm pots
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Good consumer satisfaction
  • Ideal for containers and added value sales
  • Mass market appeal
  • Quick colour to rejuvenate the autumn patio garden 

Prelude Popcorn Prelude Rose Pink
Chrysanthemum Prelude Popcorn Chrysanthemum Prelude Rose Pink
Prelude Apricot Prelude White
Chrysanthemum Prelude Apricot Chrysanthemum Prelude White
Prelude Autumn Bronze *Yellow Jewel
Chrysanthemum Prelude  Autumn Bronze Chrysanthemum Prelude Yellow Jewel
*Choose Yellow Jewel for a smaller flower option

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