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Extensive Petunia range

New eye-catching petunias

For a novel flower pattern, the award-winning Chic Collection petunia now features in the Earley Petunia range.

With its star-shaped pattern and striking colour choices, early flowering Chic Collection offers a mounded habit and is ideal for impulse colour sales in large pots.

Feature product - Chic Collection

The Chic Collection, which includes small to large flower options, is suited to patio pots and is mounded to upright in its habit. An early flowering petunia, it is available in four striking colours - Raspberry StripeRose DiamondRose Star and Starfish. The real highlight is the pretty star shape, which appears on the flower's face.
Chic Collection Raspberry Stripe Chic Collection Rose Diamond Chic Collection Rose Star Chic Collection Starfish
Raspberry Stripe Rose Diamond Rose Star Starfish


Also new is F1 Espresso®, a naturally dwarf multiflora petunia that has a low PGR requirement and excellent shelf life. Producing large flowers Espresso® is available in BluePinkRedWhite and a mix. It offers a non-stretching habit with good garden vigour and quick recovery from rain.
Petunia Espresso® Blue Petunia Espresso® Pink Petunia Espresso® Red Petunia Espresso® White Petunia Espresso® Mix
Espresso® Blue Espresso® Pink Espresso® Red Espresso® White Espresso® Mix

Offering layers of ruffled double blooms, the Petunia Tumbelina® series now includes the award-winning, stunning blue double, Maria.

Other new additions to Tumbelina® include early variety, raspberry-veined Francesca, also an award winner, and fragrant Diana that produces an abundance of pristine white double blooms.

Another fragrant highlight of Earley’s Tumbelina® collection is top selling Priscilla, an attractive blue-veined variety and the first colour in the series to be introduced. With a larger flower than other double trailing types this really is a resilient choice for baskets and pots.

Another addition to the Designer™ series is the unusual variety Inksplash, which produces superb star patterned blue and white bicolour flowers.

Chic Collection Raspberry Stripe F1 Espresso Red Designer™ Inksplash
Chic Collection
Raspberry Stripe
New series 
F1 Espresso
New series 
New colour 
Tumbelina® Maria Tumbelina®  Francesca Tumbelina®  Diana
New colour 
 New colour
New colour 

Chic Collection

The Chic Collection, which includes small to large flower options, is suited to patio pots and is mounded to upright in its habit. An early flowering petunia, it is available in four striking colours - Raspberry Stripe, Rose Diamond, Rose Star and Starfish. The real highlight is the pretty star shape, which appears on the flower's face.
Raspberry Stripe Rose Diamond Rose Star Starfish
Raspberry Stripe Rose Diamond Rose Star Starfish
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Also in our Petunia Range

  • Merlin F1 - a best-selling multiflora series that is quick into flower, uniform between colours and offers good weather tolerance. 
  • Eagle F1, a compact series that presents well in packs, maintains its habit in the garden and boasts large flowers. .
The extensive Earley Petunia range includes both seed and cutting raised, and a wide range of colours.

Seed Raised

Petunia Espresso F1
Espresso F1
New Series 
New for 2018
Petunia Eagle F1 Petunia Hulahoop F1 Petunia Merlin F1 Petunia Picobella™ F1 Petunia Prism  Sunshine F1
Eagle F1 Hulahoop F1 Merlin F1 Picobella™ F1 Prism 
Sunshine F1
Petunia Supercascade F1 Petunia Ultra™  Stars Mix Petunia Frenzy™ F1 Petunia Duo F1  
Stars Mix
 Frenzy™ F1 Duo F1  

Cutting Raised

Petunia Crazytunia® Petunia Designer™ Inksplash Petunia Happy Magic®
New for 2018
Knight Rider
New for 2018
Designer™ Happy Magic®
Petunia Surfinia® Petunia Tumbelina®  Diana Petunia Pink Ice (Hakice)  
Surfinia® Tumbelina®  Pink Ice (Hakice)  


Bright and colourful, the Calibrachoa's compact and trailing habits provide a versatile plant ideal for hanging baskets, patio containers and boarders.
Calibrachoa Caloha® Double Calibrachoa Chameleon® Blueberry Scone Calibrachoa Million Bells® Calibrachoa Noa®
Candy Shop™
Fancy Berry
New for 2018  
Caloha® Double Chameleon®
Blueberry Scone
New colour 
Million Bells® Noa®

XPetchoa SuperCal®

Easy care colour, ideal for hanging baskets, containers and borders, XPetchoa SuperCal® boasts large flowers from Petunia and vibrant colours of Calibrachoa.

This all-weather super-hero is easy to establish and grow thanks to it’s low sensitivity to pH. It is also cold tolerant, making it economical to produce as it can be planted early and blooms under short days.
Resistant to heat too, X Petchoa SuperCal®  blooms throughout the summer into late Autumn, with self-cleaning, disease-resistant flowers that are completely weatherproof, staying nice after rain or watering.
XPetchoa SuperCal® Artist Rose XPetchoa SuperCal® Blue XPetchoa SuperCal® Cherry XPetchoa SuperCal® Henna
Artist Rose
XPetchoa SuperCal® Neon Rose XPetchoa SuperCal® Pink    
Neon Rose
New colour 
Light Yellow
New for 2018  

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All of our high quality plants are produced to meet the needs of today's professional growers 
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