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Now more choice in commercial Pansy Premier F1 Range 

Pansy Premier F1 Blotch Mix

A great all-rounder, renowned for its benefits, Pansy Premier is a large flower series suited to autumn, winter and spring cultivation. Bred by Sakata, Premier is a non-stretching, basal branching plant. It delivers reduced growing costs due to low PGR requirement.

Suited to high-density pot and pack production it offers strong plants, with upward facing flowers, growing upright to a height of 15cm and 10cm wide.

For retailers, Premier means less wastage due to a longer shelf life and better plant quality throughout, delivering higher margins all-round. For consumers, it offers a good winter-flowering capability and excellent garden performance.

Premier F1

Pansy Premier Carmine Rose  with Blotch  
  • 12 Colour mix
  • Basal branching
  • Large flowers
  • Low PGR requirement
  • Ideal for pots and packs
  • NEW colours
Carmine Rose with Blotch
NEW for 2018 

Best-Selling Pansy Premier F1


In our extensive Earley Pansy Premier collection, the Gold with Blotch is our best-selling choice. Available in 480 tray format and ready for delivery from week 2.

Premier F1 Autumn 

Extra colours that match well for autumn production include Lavender Shades, White Rose Blotch and Autumn Mix, which are available in the Premier Autumn F1 collection.

  • 2 additional colours
  • 14 Colour mix
White Rose with Blotch Lavendar Shades  

Premier F1 Additions 

Four colourful new mixes and a stunning array of new colours have been added to the range for 2018, which also features 12 and 14 colour mixes.
Pansy Premier Lemoncello Mix Pansy Premier Clear Spring Mix Pansy Premier Blotch Mix Pansy Premier Cool Blues Mix Pansy Premier Forest Fruits Mix
Lemoncello Mix
New Mix
Clear Spring Mix
New Mix
Blotch Mix
New Mix
Cool Blues Mix
New Mix
Forest Fruits Mix
New for 2018 
New for 2018 
Metallic Blue Blotch
New for 2018
Violet Face
New for 2018 
Yellow Purple Wing
New for 2018 
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Also available in the Earley Pansy Range:

Power F1

Pansy Power F1  
  • Good performance in high temperatures
  • Extra large flowers
  • Choice mix
  • 18 Colours
  • Ideal for pots

Mariposa NEW for 2018

  • Reliable outdoor performance
  • Medium flowers
  • Multiflora
  • Compact habit 
  • Ideal for packs

Freefall F1

Pansy Freefall F1  
  • Winter flowering
  • Trailing habit
  • Stretch resistant
  • Ideal for baskets and patio pots

Novelty Colours

Pansy Ultima Radiance  Lilac Pansy Ultima Deep  Morpho Pansy Ultima Radiance  Deep Blue Pansy Ultima Radiance  Red
Ultima Radiance 
Ultima Morpho Imp
Ultima Radiance 
Deep Blue
Ultima Radiance 
Pansy Frizzle Sizzle Mix Pansy Viking F1 Northern Lights Pansy Shilouette Mix Pansy Mariposa F1 Orange with Blotch
Frizzle Sizzle
Viking F1
Northern Lights
Shilouette Mix
New mix
Mariposa F1
Orange with Blotch

Pansy Flower Size Guide

Pansy Power Pansy Dynamite® Premier   Pansy Supreme Ultima
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