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High quality young plants from a leading producer and supplier

At Earley Ornamentals, our extensive range of high quality young plants is designed to meet the needs of today's professional growers.

Over 180m plug plants, made up of over 1,700 varieties, are grown each year at our state-of-the-art 12-acre site near Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

Genetics selected from the world's leading breeders

As an independent UK producer our Earley experts are able to select the best genetics from the world's leading breeders to provide customers with an innovative assortment of quality young plants.

Each variety having been trialed and laboratory tested to ensure all Earley young plants give class leading quality, reliability and performance from seed to flower. 

Wide range of bedding, basket, patio plants, perennials and more

In addition to being the UK's primary distributor of SunPatiens®, we offer an extensive range of seed raised and cutting raised young plants for all seasons and applications.

Earley’s access to such a wide portfolio of varieties allows us to tailor production to our customer’s needs, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.


Colour Trends 2018

The power of colour trends is growing year-on-year and for 2018, colour confidence looks set to grow - as seen in the Earley Ornamentals colour trends forecast for 2018/19 
Click here to view the Earley Ornamentals Colour Trends Forecast

NEW for 2018

NEW seriesNEW varieties and NEW colours!  

Delivering excellent commercial growing opportunities for an evolving marketplace, our new additions for 2018 include seed and cutting raised choices for spring, summer and autumn flowering.  

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Preferred UK distributor for Sakata

  Earley Ornamentals is the preferred UK distributor for Sakata, one of the largest worldwide ornamental flower breeders, providing access to leading research and expertise and ensuring our customers are first to market with innovative new varieties like the weather tolerant and disease resistant SunPatiens®. Click here to find out more about Earley's range of SunPatiens®

Tray formats designed to work for you

Perennial Plug Plants Earley's tray formats deliver handling efficiency and cost-effectiveness
Earley Ornamentals plug plant production focuses on tray formats which are fully compatible with transplanting machines, and facilitate the production of leading quality product that can be handled in an efficient and cost-effective way.
The Earley 480 tray The Earley 480 tray - for ultimate cell volume
Offering one of the best cell volumes in the market, our 480 tray has a cell volume of 4.1cc and is designed to ensure the optimum combination of plant quality and value for seed raised production. Air holes between the cells help to keep the plugs compact and disease free.
The Earley 360 Tray The Earley 360 tray - quicker crop to market and larger young plant
For growers looking for the option of a larger young plant, the Earley 360 tray offers shorter production times, lower production costs and a quicker crop to market with the 360 tray offering a larger cell volume of 6cc.
The Earley 144 Tray The Earley 144 tray - for Earley’s basket and patio range
Earley’s rooted cuttings major on a 144 glue plug tray. This tray boasts a larger 20cc cell volume, which, when combined with a self-binding compost, offers leading quality product that can be machine or hand transplanted easily. The self-binding compost ensures minimal transplanting damage and fast establishment, for a uniform high quality crop.
The Earley 126 Tray  The Earley 126 tray – significant for spring production
Particularly significant during spring production, Earley’s 126 tray is used for all the tuberous begonia production and cutting raised petunia.

Investment and innovation

The Earley range is expanding all the time, thanks to our progressive programme of ongoing investment, innovation and development, and is refined continually to introduce new varieties and ensure there is something new for our customers every year.

Earley Ornamentals is a leading UK independent producer and supplier of young plants with a reputation for reliability and expertise. We are committed to providing excellent service, high quality young plants and the best varieties from breeders around the world.

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All of our high quality plants are produced to meet the needs of today's professional growers 
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Whatever the season, Earley Ornamentals is always growing strong

The 2017-18 catalogue features our extensive bedding, basket and patio range of products. A dedicated perennials catalogue is also now available.

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Colourful and consistent-exceptional outdoor performance, SunPatiens® will excel in full sun or shade.

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