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Option for extending summer sales

Nemesia Lady Penelope

The Earley Nemeisa range continues to grow in popularity. With one or two pinches, plants in
1 - 2 litre pots make floriferous bushy plants for impulse sales throughout the summer and offer longevity of flowering well in to autumn.

Highlights for 2020

For those looking to source fragrant Nemesia, there are two new varieties, large-flowered Cream Surprise and pretty Lady Penelope

The Nemesia range has been further expanded with new colours, these are Sunpeddle® Painted Plum, which offers a semi-trailing habit. And, two more colours have been added to the British-bred Nemesia Aroma™ - Heart of Gold, a distinct bicolour that is a bolder plant than the other Aromas and Plums and Custard Imp. This improved version offers more vigour than the original.

New Varieties

Cream Suprise Lady Penelope
New Colours

Aroma™ Plums & Custard Imp  Aroma™ Heart of Gold 
SunPeddle®Painted Plum 


Popular options

With fragrant and early flowering choices, bi-colour, bushy and semi-trailing varieties, the Earley Nemesia range is a strong seller and this year's introduction is a new large flower Nemesia option:
  • New Bordeaux - large wine-red coloured flowers
  • Best-seller Wisley Vanilla - blush white flowers with vanilla scent
Bordeaux Wisley Vanilla

Seed Raised

Unusual award winning scented options:

Easter Bonnet

Fragrant nemesia options include the early flowering, very successful, Nemesia Easter Bonnet. A profusion of bicolour blooms of light lemon yellow and soft pink are produced over plants of a compact and uniform habit.
Easter Bonnet  
Nemesia Easter Bonnet
  • Fragrant bicolour blooms
  • Compact habit
  • Height: 25cm
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Two more wonderfully fragrant, award-winning options for growers, retailers and garden designers are the - Aroma™ Rhubarb & Custard and Aroma™ Plums & Custard - both offering attractive, unusual bicolour combinations
Rhubarb & Custard  
Nemesia Aroma™  Rhubarb & Custard
  • Fragrant
  • Striking bicolours
  • Compact habit
  • Height: 25cm



Attractive colours and producing medium to small flowers with a neat and compact habit, early flowering, ideal for small and large pot production 
Blue Rose - Scented Painted Rose
Nemesia Sunpeddle® Blue Rose Nemesia Sunpeddle® Painted Rose
White Perfume - Scented Yellow White - Scented
Nemesia Sunpeddle® White Perfume Nemesia Sunpeddle® Yellow White


The Earley Nemesia range also includes:

Amelie with large, strongly scented pale lilac pink flowers, Framboise which offers large, rich raspberry-pink flowers with dark eye, or choose from Mirabelle and Myrtille with their purple shades.  All provide a neat bushy habit.
Amelie Framboise
Nemesia Amelie Nemesia Framboise
Mirabelle Myrtille
Nemesia Mirabelle Nemesia Myrtille
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Sunsatia Plus®

The rich colours of Sunsatia Plus® offer a bold choice over the pastel tones of alternative nemesia options. With a semi-trailing habit Sunsatia Plus® grows to a height of around 25cm. 
Cherry on Ice Granada
Nemesia Sunsatia Plus®  Cherry on Ice Nemesia Sunsatia Plus® Granada
Papaya Pomelo
Nemesia Sunsatia Plus® Papaya Nemesia Sunsatia Plus® Pomelo

Seed Raised 


Nemesia Sundrops Mix                                               
  • Compact and early flowering
  • Ideal for pack production 
    and sales in colour
  • Height: 25cm
Sundrops Mix

All of our high quality plants are produced to meet the needs of today's 
professional growers 

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