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Highlights 2018

Simon Earley, Keith Gittens
We've been refining and developing our product offer to ensure it continues to meet the needs of our customers and the ever-changing market-place. 

We've added over 100 new colours to our 2018 range, here's the highlights and heroes. 
Shown here is a selection from our Highlights and Heroes 2017-18, to find out more call 01845 524511. 

Unusual award-winning colourful and aromatic nemesia additions 

Two wonderfully fragrant, award-winning options for growers, retailers and garden designers have been added to the Earley Nemesia range - Aroma™ Rhubarb & Custard and Aroma™ Plums & Custard - both offering attractive, unusual bicolour combinations.

Another fragrant nemesia highlight is early flowering Nemesia Easter Bonnet, which had a very successful first year in the Earley portfolio. A profusion of bicolour blooms of light lemon yellow and soft pink are produced over plants of a compact and uniform habit.

Distinctive and scented, new colours Blue Rose and Yellow White have been added to the already popular Nemesia Sunpeddle® series introduced last year, which features Painted Rose, Red, White Perfume. Early flowering, Sunpeddle® offers a neat and compact habit.

Nemesia Aroma™  Rhubarb & Custard Nemesia Aroma™ Plum & Custard Nemesia Easter Bonnet Nemesia Sunpeddle® Blue Rose Nemesia Sunpeddle® Yellow White
Rhubarb & Custard
Plum & Custard
Easter Bonnet Sunpeddle®
Blue Rose
Yellow White

New eye-catching petunias

Award-winning Chic Collection petunia
For a novel flower pattern, the award-winning Chic Collection petunia now features in the Earley Petunia range. With its star-shaped pattern and striking colour choices, early flowering Chic Collection offers a mounded habit and is ideal for impulse colour sales in large pots.
New additions to Petunia Tumbelina®
Offering layers of ruffled double blooms, the Petunia Tumbelina® series now includes the award-winning, stunning blue double, Maria. Other new additions to Tumbelina® include early variety, raspberry-veined Francesca, also an award winner, and fragrant Diana that produces an abundance of pristine white double blooms.

Another fragrant highlight of Earley’s Tumbelina® collection is top selling Priscilla, an attractive blue-veined variety and the first colour in the series to be introduced. With a larger flower than other double trailing types this really is a resilient choice for baskets and pots.
F1 Espresso®
Also new is F1 Espresso®, a naturally dwarf multiflora petunia that has a low PGR requirement and excellent shelf life. Producing large flowers Espresso® is available in Blue, Pink, Red, White and a mix. It offers a non-stretching habit with good garden vigour and quick recovery from rain.
Inksplash added to Designer™

Another addition to the Designer™ series is the unusual variety Inksplash, which produces superb star patterned blue and white bicolour flowers.

Petunia Chic Collection Raspberry Stripe Petunia Tumbelina® Maria Petunia Tumbelina®  Francesca Petunia Tumbelina®  Diana Petunia F1 Espresso Red Petunia Designer™ Inksplash
Chic Collection
F1 Espresso

Delicate ruffled flowered anemone – perfect for added value sales

Anemone Harmony Double MixHarmony Double

Known as a good seller, double flowered varieties have now been introduced to the Earley Anemone Harmony range - perfect for delivering added value sales. Striking double blooms that give a ruffled effect are produced from early spring. Colour options include Blue, Scarlet and White. 

Anemone BlueBlue

Anemone ScarletScarlet Anemone WhiteWhite                                                                                                                                                   

New mixes in the Earley Pansy range

Five new mixes have been added to the already wide colour offer in Pansy Premier F1. This versatile plant provides a spring through to autumn season selection with the latest colour mixes now available including Blotch, Clear Spring, Cool Blues, Forest Fruits and Lemoncello.
Pansy Premier F1 Mix Pansy Clear Spring Mix Pansy Forest Fruits Mix Pansy Lemoncello Mix
Premier F1 Mix Clear Spring Mix Forest Fruits Mix Lemoncello Mix

Earley garden heroes

The popular Earley Viola range includes garden hero Viola Vibrante F1, which now consists of 17 separate colours and six mixes. Recently added mixes are Blotch mix and Clear Spring mix. Colours have been specifically selected for flowering time uniformity, ensuring all are ready to flower at the same time.

The other Earley garden hero is Viola Grandissimo. Producing larger blooms than the average viola, Grandissimo is now available in a new striking Clear Purple.

Viola Vibrante YTT Viola Vibrante Mix Viola Vibrante Blotch Mix Viola  Vibrante  Clear Spring Mix Viola Grandissimo  Clear Purple
Popular Colour
Vibrante YTT
Vibrante Mix Vibrante
Blotch Mix
Clear Spring Mix
Clear Purple

Expanded Fuchsia range

Ideal for impulse colour sales and high-density production, Earley’s fuchsia offer has been expanded with the addition of Bella® Fuchsia. This inspiring series is compact and very early blooming. Both upright and semi-trailing varieties are available in an impressive 13 colours.
Bella® Fuchsia  Hilda Bella® Fuchsia Lydia Bella® Fuchsia Nikita Bella® Fuchsia Olivia Bella® Fuchsia Sacha
Bella® Fuchsia 
Bella® Fuchsia
Bella® Fuchsia
Bella® Fuchsia
Bella® Fuchsia

Simon Says

Simon Earley

Commenting on the 2018 range additions, Earley Ornamentals managing director, Simon Earley said:

“Selecting the finest young plant varieties is essential to the success of our range and as an independent UK producer, our team of Earley Experts is able to select the best genetics from the world's leading breeders to provide our customers with an original and commercial assortment of quality young plants.”

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