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A best-selling innovative and commercially balanced collection

Geranium Green Leaf SEL® Sunrise®


Highlight for 2020

New Colour
Green Leaf
pac® Flower Fairy® Red Splash 


Tangle-free Geranium series

A brand new series of F1 Ivy Leaf that is earlier to flower and easier to produce, Geranium Ivy Leaf Reach Out F1 has a compact habit and short internodes.
  • Full canopy of flowers
  • Non tangling
  • Superb landscape, container and basket performance
Geranium Ivy Leaf Reach Out F1


Cutting Raised

Green Leaf

The geranium Zonal group includes bicolours and mosaics. A selection of both bright green and dark green foliage options and semi-double to double flower forms means plenty of creative possibilities. These are suited to patio planters, window boxes or can be used as a pot plant.
PAC® PAC® Flowerfairy®
Geranium Blue Wonder
Geranium White Splash
SEL® Sunrise®
Geranium Mona Lisa
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Dark Leaf

PAC® SEL® Moonlight®
Geranium Julia Geranium Loki

Ivy Leaf

The Geranium Ivy Leaf has a trailing habit. This collection, which includes bicolours and both double and single flowered options, is well matched for hanging baskets, window boxes or patio planters. 
PAC® SEL® Royal®
Geranium Mexica Ruby Geranium Lavender
Non-Royalty Varieties
Geranium Mexicanerin

Ivy Leaf - Single Flowered

  • Profuse flowering
  • Dark foliage
  • For baskets and window boxes
NEW PAC® Happy Face  
  • Large single flowers
  • Vigorous well branching plants
  • Short internodes ensure a compact tidy habit
  • Height: 15cm
  • Traditional continental varieties 
  • For baskets or window boxes


Offering more unusual flower forms such as Fireworks, with striking star-shaped flowers. Also available are variegated foliage varieties that offer excellent opportunities to create contrast in mixed plantings. These are suitable for patio planters, window boxes or as a pot plant. 
PAC® Fireworks®  
Geranium PAC® Fireworks®
  • Novel star-shaped flowers
  • Seeply cut leaves
Coloured Leaf  
Geranium Mrs Pollock
  • Variegated/patterned leaves give good colour contrast in patio pots and bedding displays
Variegated Ivy Leaf PAC®   
Geranium Evka Red
  • Grey green/white variegation
  • Contrasting red flowers
  • Compact branching habit
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Seed Raised

NEW Reach Out F1  
  • Compact with short inernodes
  • Tidy habit
  • Full canopy of flowers
  • Early flowering
  • Height: 20cm
Bullseye F1  
Geranium Bullseye F1
  • Dark chocolate foliage makes this series stand out
  • A good all round performer
  • Height: 35-40cm
  • Available in 5 colours and mix
Cabaret F2  
Geranium Cabaret F2
  • Very uniform mix
  • Near F1 quality
  • Height: 30-35sm
Horizon F1  
Geranium Horizon F1
  • Reliable performer for the UK climate 
  • Compact, vigorous and quick to flower
  • Versitile for pack or pot sales
  • Height: 30-35cm
  • Available in 14 colours and mix
Quantum F1  
Geranium Quantum F1
  • Stellar type
  • Star shaped flowers with serrated foliage
  • Flowers are not prone to shattering
  • Two weeks later than Horizon
  • Height: 30-40cm
  • Available in red and mix


Providing good repeat flowering throughout the summer, this range, is perfect for patio planters, window boxes or as a pot plant.
PAC® Angeleyes®  
Pelargonium PAC® Angeleyes®
  • Produces masses of small flowers over a long period
  • Suited to patio use
  • Plants branch freely and require no cooling period to initiate flowers
  • Height: 30cm
  • Available in 3 colours
Pelargonium Mosquitaway Lizzy
  • Attractive bicolour flowers
  • Leaves with strong citrus scent
  • Deters mosquitoes
  • Height: 30cm
Pelargonium Regalia® Orange Bicolour
  • Requires little vernalisation to flower
  • Produces a high quality plant
  • Compact habit and small leaves
  • Suited to high density production
  • Suitable as a patio plant
  • Height: 30cm
  • Available in 8 colours
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