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Impressive Fuchsia range

Boosting production and pot sales

Bella® Lisa
Ideal for impulse colour sales and high-density production, Earley’s fuchsia offer, which features compact, bush and trailing varieties, has been expanded with the addition of beautiful Bella® Fuchsia.

Highlights for 2020

Four new colours have also been introduced to the compact and early blooming Bella® Fuchsia range, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Faya  Laura 
Lisa  Maria 


This inspiring series is compact and very early blooming. Both upright and semi-trailing varieties are available in an impressive range of colours.
  • Compact and very early blooming
  • Bella® Fuchsias are ideal for impulse colour sales
  • High density production
Evita  Julia  Mariska  Sarah 
Bella® Fuchsia Evita

Bella® Fuchsia Mariska Bella® Fuchsia Sarah
Soila Susanna Vera 
Bella® Fuchsia Solia Bella® Fuchsia Susanna Bella® Fuchsia Vera
Nora Sophia Hilda Lydia
Bella® Fuchsia Nora Bella® Fuchsia Sophia Bella® Fuchsia  Hilda Bella® Fuchsia Lydia
Nikita Olivia Sacha
Bella® Fuchsia Nikita Bella® Fuchsia Olivia Bella® Fuchsia Sacha
Earley's Fuchsia range includes many options, including hardy and giant trailing options. 
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Albertina Carmel Blue Gartenmeister
Marie Landy
Albertina Fuchsia Carmel Blue Fuchsia Gartenmeister Bonstedt Fuchsia Madeleine Sweeney Fuchsia Marie Landy Fuchsia
Tinny Winston
Mieke Meursing Fuchsia Miss California Fuchsia Paula Jane Fuchsia Tinny Fuchsia Winston Churchill Fuchsia

Hardy Bush

Beacon Beacon Rosa Benisser 
Fuchsia Beacon Fuchsia Beacon Rosa Fuchsia Benisser Hardy Fuchsia Celia Smedley
Charming Delta Sarah Display Dollar
Fuchsia Charming Fuchsia Delta Sarah Fuchsia Display Fuchsia Dollar Princess
Heidi Ann Madame 
Fuchsia Heidi Ann Fuchsia Madame  Cornelissen Fuchsia Snowcap
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Annabel Auntie Jinx Balcony Queen Blaze Away Blue Angel
Annabel Fuchsia Auntie Jinx Fuchsia Balcony Queen Fuchsia Blaze Away Fuchsia Blue Angel Fuchsia
Cascade Claudia Covergirl Dark Eyes El Camino
Cascade Fuchsia Claudia Fuchsia Covergirl Fuchsia Dark Eyes Fuchsia El Camino Fuchsia
Flying Cloud Golden Swingtime Happy Wedding Day Harry Gray La Campanella
Flying Cloud Fuchsia Golden Swingtime Fuchsia Happy Wedding Day Fuchsia Harry Gray Fuchsia La Campanella Fuchsia
Lena (Eva Bourg) Marinka Millenium Patio Princess
Lena (Eva Bourg) Fuchsia Marinka Fuchsia Millenium Fuchsia Patio Princess Fuchsia
Pink Campanella Pink Galore Pink Marshmallow Puts Folly Red Spider
Pink Campanella Fuchsia Pink Galore Fuchsia Pink Marshmallow Fuchsia Puts Folly Fuchsia Red Spider Fuchsia
Ringwood Market Sir Matt Busby Southgate Swingtime Tom West
Ringwood Market Fuchsia Sir Matt Busby Fuchsia Southgate Fuchsia Swingtime Fuchsia Tom West Fuchsia

Giant Trailing

Bella Rosella Bicentennial Blue Mirage Flying Scotsman
Fuchsia Tom Thumb Bella Rosella Fuchsia Bicentennial Fuchsia Blue Mirage Fuchsia Flying Scotsman
Maori Maid Rocket Fire Royal Mosaic
Fuchsia Maori Maid Fuchsia Rocket Fire  Fuchsia Royal Mosaic

All of our high quality plants are produced to meet the needs of today's
professional growers 

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