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SunPatiens really are the Power Flower

Long-standing Earley Ornamentals’ customer Essex-based Billericay Nurseries proved recently that our SunPatiens® are rightly termed the ‘Power Flower’. 

Nursery owner Alan Wright shared a host of images he’d taken on Halloween of SunPatiens® that had been successfully grown from young plants supplied by Earley Ornamentals, demonstrating real SuperBloomer qualities and exceptional outdoor performance.

Commenting on the fabulous displays Alan said: “We’ve been buying SunPatiens® from Earley Ornmentals for some time now and this year’s results were just incredible. We used Vigorous Lavender potted in Wk11, Vigorous Pink Pearl potted in Wk 11 and Vigorous Magenta. For larger pots we used Vigorous, which is good for landscape and garden beds too. For the smaller pots we planted SunPatiens® Compact, which also suit window boxes and hanging baskets.

“As you can see, even though these photographs were taken at the end of October, the displays still have real depth of colour and look so healthy. This is why, as a retailer-grower selling direct to the public, we choose these reliable plants – they’re total winners!”

Simon Earley
Earley Ornamentals Managing Director Simon Earley said:

“As a primary UK distributor of SunPatiens® our young plants are grown for class leading quality, reliability and performance from seed to flower to meet the needs of today's professional growers. It’s fantastic to see how well they perform once they leave Earley’s controlled environment.”

For 2019, Earley Ornamentals has introduced some new colours to the range as Simon Earley explains: “This year we’ve included new on-trend options Compact Orchid Blush and Vigorous Red and Rose Pink, all perfect for hot summers like we’ve just experienced.”


Bred to perform in sun, shade, rain or shine, from spring to autumn, SunPatiens® are capable of growing under cooler conditions than standard New Guinea Impatiens, saving energy costs and ensuring a faster production time. 

Designed for strong growth, rapid root development and a profusion of large flowers, SunPatiens® are quick to establish, resistant to downy mildew and provide three times the coverage of traditional impatiens. 

For more information about the Earley Ornamentals SunPatiens® range, click here. 


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