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Earley Ornamentals' best large flower pansy

For growers looking for the most reliable large-flowered pansy, the superior genetics of Earley Ornamentals’ Pansy Premier ensure a strong, good quality and commercial contender with assured breeding provenance.

Commercially reliable

A great all-rounder, large flowered Pansy Premier is suited to autumn, winter and spring cultivation. A non-stretching, basal branching plant, Pansy Premier delivers reduced growing costs due to low PGR requirement.

Suited to high-density pot and pack production it offers strong plants, with upward front-facing flowers, growing upright to a height of 15cm and 10cm wide.

Extensive colour offer

An extensive commercially popular and on-trend range of colours, Pansy Premier includes mixes and specifically selected Premier Autumn options.

Clear Rose  Orange Blotch  Marina Imp. Clear Spring Mix Blotch Mix
Pansy Premier Clear Spring Mix Pansy Premier Blotch Mix

Superior genetics

Pansy Premier is bred by Sakata. Strong parent breeding lines meant that when it came to updating to the market requirements of large-flowered pansy varieties, Pansy Premier benefited from the company’s heritage in pansy breeding. The result - a totally uniform series with the following features:

  • A uniform, compact plant habit but with side stems for repeat flowering
  • Flower size uniformity and flowers close to the plant frame
  • Colour clarity with no variation that includes blotch, clear and novelty colours
  • Strong roots and plant, a pansy that will perform in summer production as well as cooler times.
True Blue Red/blotch Clear white Yellow Blotch Lavender Shade

Rigorous breeding procedures

Once the plant characteristics had been achieved, Sakata looked further for:

  • Seed productionis the series/colour viable to offer commercially in terms of seed quantity
  • Seed germinationproduction requirements for efficient production demand test germ over 95%
  • Strengthenough vigour in post germ to resist common diseases such as Rizoctonia, Pythium, Phytophera’

As a spokesperson for Sakata explains: “When our breeding team was happy we'd overcome all the above we moved to commercial trials, including our partners in confidential trials. If the candidates prove worthy of introduction, we built stock to ensure reliability of supply for our distributors. Unlike some competitive varieties, Premier is available for open distribution.”

Reliable and predictable seed makes sure that Pansy Premier young plants are healthy and vigorous with a good habit; ultimately providing the retailer with good sales and the public, pleasure in their garden.

Blue Jeans Blueberry Thrill Lemon Wine Flash Violet Face

Call the Earley Ornamentals Customer Service team on 01845 524511 for more technical or production advice on Pansy Premier F1.

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