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Colour Trends Forecast 2018/19

The power of colour trends is growing year-on-year and for 2018/19, colour confidence looks set to grow. Designed to help growers, retailers and landscape designers stay ahead, Earley colour experts have revealed four key trends in the Earley Ornamentals colour trends forecast for 2018/19.

Commenting on this year’s colour trends forecast, Earley Ornamentals managing director, Simon Earley said
Simon Earley, Keith Gittens

“It’s all about staying ahead in today’s challenging retail environment and we’re doing everything we can to assist our customers and ensure they’re growing the right product and colours.

“These are four very different but distinct trends that we predict will be strong for the 2018/19 season and we’ve illustrated each one with a range of commercial options from the Earley plant portfolio.

Earth - redefining nature in a striking, modern way

Chic and minimalist in style, this contemporary trend is striking. Tall dramatic plants combined with climbers, bushy and bedding plants creates a natural visual of contrasting heights and colours. 

Now - hints of the Mediterranean for alfresco living spaces

Inspired by the bold earthy colours of the Mediterranean, this colour theme is rich, vibrant and luxurious, complementing the UK’s ever-growing garden design trend for alfresco living spaces.

Reinvented - Eclectic, fun take on country garden chic

Eclectic and fun, this garden colour trend combines hippy and country chic.

Inspired by colourful folk art, eccentric accents can be created using shocking saturated oranges, bright blooms and vivid pinks set against subtle paler tones.

Timeless - a classically delicate, fragrantly textured garden

Fit for royalty, this traditional romantic look is awash with pinks and purples reflecting classic 18th century France, particularly lending itself to creating a fragrant garden. Delicate neutrals mix beautifully with ornate violets, rich colours and smoky greens and blues.

Click here to see the full Earley Ornamentals 2018/19 Colour Confidence Trends

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