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GROW Update XPetchoa SuperCal®


November 2016

Intergeneric breeding can bring a breakthrough across two genera, often with great benefits. Here, Earley product expert, Keith Gittens, explains why annual X Petchoa SuperCal®, bred by Sakata, is one such example, combining the best of Calibrachoa and Petunia.

SuperCal® PinkSuperCal® Pink

Easy care colour, ideal for hanging baskets, patio containers and borders, XPetchoa SuperCal® boasts the large flowers from Petunia and vibrant colours of Calibrachoa. 


Overall it delivers value.


Keeps growing costs under control

SuperCal® CherryCherry

For the grower, SuperCal® is easy to grow thanks to its low sensitivity to pH. Ideal for low-energy production, it is cold tolerant, requiring just frost protection, all helping to keep growing costs under control. This is not possible in either of the two parent genera. Calibrachoa especially needs more heat to perform.

Furthermore, SuperCal® can be planted early and will bloom even under short days.

A good retail performer

SuperCal® Artist RoseArtist Rose

For the retailer, the non-sticky foliage is much more pleasant for customers to handle than that of Petunia. And, unlike Calibrachoa, strong roots help to keep leaves greener under stress, whilst vibrant flowers, produced early, provide higher sell-through. 

Weather tolerant

SuperCal® HennaHenna

This really is an all-weather super-hero. XPetchoa SuperCal® offers exceptional garden performance under all kinds of weather, showing resistance to both heat and cold. Flowering throughout the summer into late autumn, its self-cleaning, disease-resistant flowers are completely weatherproof, staying nice even after rain or watering.

What’s in the Earley SuperCal® range?

SuperCal® NeonNeon

With a mounding habit, SuperCal® has spreading, trailing and upright options. There are six colours including the stunning new SuperCal® ‘Pink’; others featured are the delicate veined Artist Rose, along with a rich Blue, Cherry and Henna. Last but not least a vibrant Neon Rose.


Earley Trays144 Tray Available in our 144 tray size, delivery is between weeks 06-18 with labels included. X Petchoa SuperCal® is definitely one of Earley’s high-performing hybrids.

To find our more about our SuperCal® range click here

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